Motorcycle defects and recalls in St. Petersburg are similar to those for motor vehicles. Defective tires could be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists and can have devastating consequences for the operator. If a tire blow occurs on a motorcycle, that tire failure or defect could result in catastrophic injuries to the operator.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is best to speak to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer could investigate the crash and determine if a defect or recall was the cause of the collision. Speak to a seasoned attorney to learn about St. Petersburg motorcycle defects and recalls and how it could affect your claim.

The Difference Between A Motorcycle Defect and a Recall

There are several differences between St. Petersburg motorcycle defects and recalls. A motorcycle defect is the result of a manufacturer making a mistake in the way that the bike was designed, making it unsafe to operate in certain situations.

A motorcycle recall could involve safety or non-safety recalls, such as a cosmetic item on the body of the motorcycle that does not affect its ability to be operated safely.

Determining Whether a Bike Should Be Recalled

In St. Petersburg, the motorcycle manufacturer will determine the extent of the defect and if a safety recall should be initiated based on whether the defect has manifested in collisions or accidents in other areas of the state or country. Defects could also arise in manufacturer testing when determining under specific parameters, whether a safety recall should be initiated.

The manufacturer could issue a recall depending on the type of defect, its severity, how often that defect has occurred, and in what situations it has occurred. Responsible manufacturers must take all contributing factors into consideration, and if the recall is not issued and a collision occurs, they could be held liable for damages.

Understanding Manufacturers Liability

The liability of a motorcycle manufacturer is often based on the manufacturer’s conduct, specifically how they identified the defect, how prevalent it is, how they responded, and whether the defect has resulted in injuries or problems for their customers. Motorcycle manufacturers could be held liable depending on how they conducted themselves once they became aware of the safety problem and what they did to notify customers of the problem.

Product Recall Announcements

Often, recalls are initiated by a manufacturer, and notice is provided to the motorcycle owners of record who are identified through state vehicle databases; however, those databases may not identify everyone who has that particular motorcycle, and manufacturers may need to go further than simply sending letters to known owners. They may also need to notify dealers that if a particular type of motorcycle is brought in for service, the defect must be repaired whether the owner is aware of the defect or not.

Injuries Before the Recall

If a motorcyclist is injured by a product defect before a recall is announced, the injured person still has a case against the manufacturer for that defect. Even if the manufacturer was unaware of the issue, if the injured motorcyclist can demonstrate that the defect was a result of an engineering or manufacturing error, a cause of action for products liability can be brought against the producer.

If the manufacturer was aware of the defect and did nothing to advise customers of the defect prior to the motorcyclist being injured, the company could face devastating liabilities.

Injuries After the Recall

If a motorcyclist is injured after a recall has been announced, the manufacturer’s liability will depend largely on how they notified their customers of the recall, what they did to repair the motorcycles in existence, and their efforts to locate all bikes with that defect.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Determining a product manufacturer’s liability following a motorcycle accident could be difficult without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. They could investigate the crash and determine whether a recall has been initiated. With the help of a diligent attorney, motorcyclists could recover compensation for damages.

Call today to learn about how St. Petersburg motorcycle defects and recalls could affect your claim for compensation.

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