St. Petersburg traffic laws apply to scooters depending on the scooter’s engine size and whether or not that scooter can be operated on certain roads. Scooters with smaller engines may only be legally operated on the smaller roadways in St. Petersburg. Presuming that the scooter and its engine are large enough to be legally operated on roadways, the laws that apply to the scooter’s operator are the same laws that would apply to any motorcyclist or driver.

If you own or ride a motor scooter, regardless of the size of the engine, it is important that you know the rules of the road as they apply to your vehicle and learn to operate that scooter safely. If the worst happens and you are involved in a collision, you may need help from a St. Petersburg motor-scooter accident lawyer. A motorcycle accident attorney could help you recover damages or the injuries you sustained in this very dangerous type of vehicle collision.

Specific Motor Scooter Laws in St. Petersburg

There are some distinct scooter laws outlining which roads scooters are permitted to operate on depending on the scooter’s engine displacement and power. Scooters that have the smallest category of engine (generally 49cc) can only be operated on roads under a certain speed limit. Otherwise, scooters that are big enough to operate on all roads must comply with traffic laws as if the operator of the scooter was driving a car or a motorcycle.

In many cases, a scooter with a small engine will not require the operator to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or two-wheel endorsement for their driver’s license. However, a motorcycle endorsement must be obtained for those operating a scooter with an engine over a specific size. Regardless of the size of the scooter or its engine, all operators must have at least a valid driver’s license. A St. Petersburg motor-scooter accident lawyer could have additional information on the regulations regarding engine displacement on the roads.

The Dangers of Scooter Accidents in St. Petersburg

Injuries to the rider’s extremities are the most common injuries resulting from scooter accidents. Just like motorcycle riders, scooter operators have much less protection than a vehicle like a car or truck, potentially leading to more severe injuries. A scooter operator in an accident may sustain broken arms, broken wrists, broken legs, burns on their extremities from sliding on the pavement, knee or ankle injuries, or head injuries.

Additionally, a scooter operator may hit their head on the pavement, curb, or the vehicle that hit them. Scooter accident injuries are typically less severe than those seen in motorcycle accidents because of the reduced speeds involved, but in many cases, the injuries parallel the injuries to a motorcyclist.

However, motor scooters in St. Petersburg can be more dangerous than motorcycles because they are smaller, shorter, and quieter than motorcycles, making them more difficult to see or detect on the road. Both motorcyclists and scooter operators face the same danger of motor vehicle drivers not seeing them and violating their right of way, even when they are operating their motorcycles or scooters in a safe, reasonable manner. When a rider is injured in a scooter accident in St. Petersburg, a lawyer could help them fight for compensation to cover their financial losses.

Insurance for St. Petersburg Motor Scooters

The insurance requirements for scooters in St. Petersburg and Florida depend on the type of scooter, the size of the engine, and what class of vehicle the state classifies the scooter as. Motor scooters with smaller engines will likely have less, if any, insurance requirements compared to a scooter with a larger engine, in which case the operator’s insurance requirements will be similar to those of a motorcycle. Vehicle insurance is required by law so it is essential to make sure that any necessary insurance is purchased and up to date to legally drive the vehicle on the roads.

Types of Claims After a St. Petersburg Motor Scooter Accident

An individual injured while operating a scooter in St. Petersburg can pursue an injury claim to recover compensation if they were hit by an at-fault driver. However, the accident may be more difficult to reconstruct if the scooter is smaller. The injuries in the scooter operator’s claim will likely be similar to those that might be claimed by a motor vehicle driver, such as arm or back injuries, and a scooter operator can receive similar compensation.

However, because the operator of the scooter in many cases might have been knocked to the roadway or off the scooter, their injuries may be more severe than if they had been sitting in a car when the accident occurred. An attorney who is experienced with motorcycle or scooter accidents will be able to present a compelling argument to help ensure that their client is fully compensated for any injuries they sustained while operating a scooter.

How a Lawyer Could Help

If someone was involved in a motor scooter accident, they must consult with an experienced accident attorney who can evaluate and investigate the nuances of collisions involving two-wheeled vehicles. The lawyer could reach out to any possible eyewitnesses or even enlist the help of other experts to reconstruct the accident.

A knowledgeable motor scooter accident attorney in St. Petersburg should know experts that are experienced in investigating two-wheeled accidents. Together, they could study the subtle evidence left behind, such as photographs of gouge marks on the road, the vehicles, the scooter, and debris, to determine each party’s movements before, during, and after the collision.

If you have been injured in a motor scooter accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be owed compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and your suffering. A seasoned St. Petersburg motor scooter accident lawyer could help you build a strategy to fight for the justice you deserve. Call now to schedule a consultation for your case.

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