The traffic laws that apply to motorcycles are the very same traffic laws that apply to any motor vehicle. Bikers have the same rights to the roadway as any car on the road but they also have the same responsibility to follow the rules of the road and all traffic laws. Additionally, there are a few laws that apply specifically to motorcycles that are not relevant to other vehicles.

A motorcyclist who is properly obeying the laws of the roadway is going to be protected by the court system and by police officers if an accident occurs. You may be eligible to pursue compensation for the damages that resulted from another driver. However, if you are disobeying the traffic laws for motorcycles in St. Petersburg and it leads to a crash, you may be held liable. A motorcycle accident lawyer could help you understand in which situations you may be liable and when you may be owed recompense.

Do Bikers Need to Know the Traffic Laws?

If a motorcyclist is in an accident and they were not following the motor vehicle laws, it depends on how they failed to follow the law, what they were doing at the time, and whether that caused or contributed to the accident itself. For instance, if the motorcycle was maybe only going a small amount over the speed limit, then that probably would not affect the motorcyclist’s ability to receive compensation. The outcome all depends on what occurred in the accident and what particular traffic law may have been violated.

The current roadway laws, rules, and regulations that apply to St. Petersburg, and Florida in general, may be found online. Motorcycle safety courses could be taken that will teach the rider how particular traffic laws apply to motorcycles and can be instilled in a motorcycle rider quite easily. A rider being unaware of the laws that apply to them does not excuse them from following those regulations.

If a person voluntarily drives their motorcycle or operates their motorcycle on the roadways in the state of Florida, they are required to know the roadway rules and regulations. Whether law enforcement has told them about them or not, they must know the traffic laws that apply to motorcycles in St. Petersburg.

How do Motorcycle Laws Impact the Case When the Driver is at Fault?

In Florida, accidents may be caused by multiple different factors. It is often the case that more than one person has done something wrong or operated their vehicle inconsistent with the traffic laws in St. Petersburg. When multiple people are responsible for an accident resulting in damages, the duty to pay compensation will be in accordance with each party’s proportion of fault.

If a biker was going five miles an hour over the speed limit but a car still pulled in front of them, violating the rider’s right of way. Both parties share fault in this situation meaning that if the biker tries to recover damages in a lawsuit, their recovery may be reduced due to their failure to follow the appropriate traffic regulations in St. Petersburg.

Let an Attorney Explain Traffic Regulations to Protect Recovery Rights

The traffic infraction’s impact on a motorcycle injury claim depends on what the infraction is. If the infraction was great enough that the officer issued a ticket to the motorcyclist, that will be significant in terms of how the opposing insurance company looks at the fault for the accident.

Following the traffic laws for motorcycles in St. Petersburg could help protect a victim’s right to compensation if they are injured in an accident. For help understanding which laws you must follow and recovering damages after an accident, call a local motorcycle accident lawyer today and start building your claim.

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