Motorcycle wrecks could lead to many different types of injuries, but some are more common than others amongst riders. These injuries are usually the result of making contact with the ground whether it is a rider putting out their arm to try and catch themselves, their leg being pinned and sliding as the bike goes down, or even the head making impacting the road. These common motorcycle accident injuries in St. Petersburg are all costly to heal and you may need the help of a dedicated motorcycle crash attorney to pursue the compensation you deserve from the person who caused you to go down on your bike.

Are Motorcycle Accident Injuries Worse Than Car Crash Damages?

The magnitude of injuries riders may receive in a motorcycle accident may be much more severe than if they were in a motor vehicle in the same type of accident. Because bikers are typically thrown from the motorcycle, the injuries are going to be much more severe than if they are inside a vehicle and protected inside that vehicle.

The injuries can be similar in terms of disc injuries in their spine, injuries to their extremities, whether it be their arms or their legs. However, they typically will be much more severe in a motorcycle accident than they would be for a motor vehicle accident at the same speed in St. Petersburg.

Common Long-Term Motorbike Crash Injuries

The most substantial and the most serious injuries in a motorcycle accident are traumatic brain injuries, whether they be from a closed-head injury or whether they be from an open head injury. Even if a motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet, closed-head injuries can occur.

When motorcycle riders are thrown from a motorcycle after an accident, they often hit their head either on the pavement, another vehicle or on the curb surrounding the travel lanes. Even if they are wearing a helmet, the brain could be forcibly and quickly moved within their skull and bruised or damaged. This could lead to simple concussions, or life-threatening brain damage. If the bruising and the movements of the brain within the skull are severe enough, swelling and tissue damage can occur to the brain itself, and, many times, permanent neurological deficits may occur which would cause severe problems for the rider going forward.

Doctors are helpful after accidents to get the patient stabilized, but many times, injuries may linger over time, permanently impacting a rider’s life. It may be necessary for accident victims to see a medical specialist to treat their wounds and a seasoned motorbike wreck attorney could help plaintiffs find the relevant professionals for the help they need.

How an Attorney Could Help Victims with Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

The attorney could assist in identifying the injuries from an accident by staying on the particular rider to get medical treatment done and to identify and assist the client with getting to doctors that are specialists in terms of the type of injury that the motorcycle rider would have, getting to a doctor who is experienced in treating injured motorcycle riders.

If you or a loved one is facing any of these common injuries from a motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg, it may be in your best interest to consult with a seasoned personal injury attorney to protect your rights. Call today.

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