Under Florida law, motorcyclists are held to the same standard as the operators of any other motor vehicles, including cars, private trucks, SUVs. If an individual operates a motorcycle in a negligent or unreasonable fashion for the circumstances that exist, they could be liable under Florida law for any accidents or injuries they cause from operating that bike in an unreasonable fashion.

Before an individual is able to obtain a motorcycle license, there are several requirements that are required, such as proper motorbike training. Reach out to a seasoned attorney to learn about the requirements for St. Petersburg motorcyclists.

Special Training for Motorcyclists

Special training is required to operate a motorcycle on the roadways in Florida. One of the requirements for St. Petersburg motorcyclists is a valid Florida license with an endorsement, which can be obtained easily. However, if an individual operates the motorcycle on the road without the necessary endorsement, that could be considered unreasonable behavior in the State of Florida.

Injuries caused by a motorcyclist who did not have the necessary licensure could be used as evidence that they were not properly trained and should not have been operating a motorcycle at all. An attorney could argue that an individual was not properly trained to operate the bike, but the individual’s operation of the motorbike could be deemed unreasonable regardless of their specific training.

It is vitally important to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer when a collision occurs to ensure that the crash and the motorcyclist’s licensure are properly investigated. Both can yield powerful evidence in determining if the motorcyclist was acting reasonably at the time of the accident.

Filing a Claim Following a Bike Crash

Motorcyclists are held to a high standard when on the road. They must abide by the rules of the road like other motorists on the road. A jury in an accident case, could determine whether a motorist acted reasonably under the circumstances, if the case is unresolved prior to trial.

Both the motorcycle’s operator and the owner could have an insurance claim or lawsuit filed against them for an accident. Under Florida law, a person operating a motorbike is treated just as any other motor vehicle driver would be.

An operator who is negligent in their operation of a motorcycle could be held liable for any injuries that they cause. The owner of a bike could also be liable for allowing the operator to use the bike under the dangerous instrumentality doctrine.

A skilled lawyer could convince the court that the person operating the motorcycle was acting unreasonably and caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Investigations

A motorcycle involved in an accident will likely slide on its frame or body, leaving less evidence with which to determine its direction and speed prior to the accident, especially if there were no eyewitnesses. However, pavement gouge marks on the motorcycle itself and where the bike came to a stop could be used as evidence by an experienced attorney and accident expert.

The investigation following a collision must be conducted by someone who is familiar with the operation of a motorcycle because of the differences in dynamics between a motorbike and a motor vehicle. The skid marks left on the road and the behavior of the motorcycle after a collision will both be different from those of a motor vehicle and should be analyzed by an attorney and an experienced accident reconstructionist.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Before a person is able to operate a motorcycle, there are several requirements they must abide by. Motorcyclists are required to be a certain age, have special training, and obtain license and an endorsement. The requirements for St. Petersburg motorcyclists could be complicated to understand, so it is best to reach out to an experienced attorney.

A motorcycle accident lawyer could help ensure you have all the necessary requirements to ride a bike in St. Petersburg. Additionally, they could help you seek compensation if you were injured in a motorbike collision. Call today to learn more.

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