Some of the most severe injuries a person can sustain are the result of being struck by a vehicle. When a reckless or careless driver hit a pedestrian on the street or sidewalk, the injured individual may face a pile of medical bills and the inability to work while recovering from a trauma.

If you were harmed as a pedestrian, you might benefit from speaking with a compassionate Tarpon Springs pedestrian accident lawyer about your rights to seek compensation. However, you may be traumatized after an injury, making the thought of filing a claim seem daunting. By enlisting the services of an experienced personal injury attorney, you could focus on your recovery with the knowledge that you have a legal professional on your side.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

While many drivers try to blame a pedestrian for an accident, such as claiming they darted out in front of a car, they are often to blame for a wreck. In some instances, for example, a vehicle will stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the street, but another vehicle will not see them. Other times, a car may be trying to make a turn and will hit a pedestrian.

In all these examples, an accident and any resulting injuries are due to the negligence of a driver. When this is the case, an injured claimant should consider speaking to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Tarpon Springs to help them gather evidence of negligence and file a claim for compensation.

Compensation for Injured Pedestrians in Tarpon Springs

Because a pedestrian often has no protection between them and the vehicle, resulting injuries are often severe. Due to this, hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and other medical expenses are often frequent and expensive.

Furthermore, the trauma may leave a person unable to work for an extended period, making their financial strain even greater. While drivers in Florida are required to carry at least $10,000 in insurance coverage—and because this insurance is no-fault, recovery is likely — this may not be enough to cover the full costs following an injury.

In these instances, the injured plaintiff might be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver in order to claim further compensation for their damages. A dedicated Tarpon Springs attorney could help an injured pedestrian file this claim, as well negotiate with insurance companies and work to collect evidence of negligence. For more information about recovering damages, reach out to a seasoned legal professional.

How a Tarpon Springs Pedestrian Accident Attorney Might Help

Any time a person is struck by a vehicle, there is a chance a negligent driver or other entity is at fault. If you were injured in an incident as a pedestrian, consider speaking to a Tarpon Springs pedestrian accident lawyer today.

A tenacious and well-practiced attorney could work to gather the necessary information and guide you through each step of the legal process toward getting you the recovery you deserve. To understand your rights and options, call a legal professional today.

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