While you may expect that the medication your doctor gave you was safe and effective to use, it could be overwhelming to realize that this is not always the case. If you have suffered any complications from consuming unsafe drugs, you may be able to file a lawsuit with the help of a Tarpon Springs dangerous drugs lawyer. A well-practiced injury attorney could help you pursue a claim for any injuries or hospitalization caused by undisclosed drug side effects or contraindications.

Dangerous Drug Liability

The manufacturer of a drug has a responsibility to fully test the medication and outline any side effects that could be reasonably expected by patients. This information is used to support FDA approval of the medication.

However, if a manufacturer fails to fulfill this responsibility before a drug goes on the market, serious harm could result to anyone who takes the drug. Patients learning about such problems after the fact often have a valid legal argument that the manufacturer did not properly inform them of potential side effects and they were injured by taking medicines they assumed would improve their health.

The FDA manages the adverse event reporting system to capture complaints and concerns from people taking medicines. While seeing dozens and hundreds of similar complaints might prompt the FDA to launch an investigation, lawsuits against the drug manufacturer are often more likely to raise awareness about the problem.

Medications could be classified as dangerous based on a manufacturer’s failure to warn patients, product liability, or claims of errors in the manufacturing process. A knowledgeable Tarpon Springs dangerous drugs attorney could help a plaintiff build their lawsuit and hold the negligent party accountable.

Damages in Unsafe Drugs Cases

Depending on when a patient identified and received treatment for any negative effects of a dangerous or defective drug, medical bills could encompass a substantial portion of an ensuing civil claim. Missed time at work, loss of consortium for a spouse, and various other damages could all be factored into a proposed settlement or a court award for a successful plaintiff.

As an experienced defective drug lawyer in Tarpon Springs could explain, the presentation of sufficient evidence is the determining factor for damages recovery in a dangerous drug case. Evaluating medical records, reviewing academic studies, and consulting with expert witnesses could all be key to establishing injuries, proving negligence, and recovering fair financial restitution.

Speak with a Tarpon Springs Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Defendants in dangerous drug cases may use every tool at their disposal to fight back against your injury claim. Pharmaceutical companies invest millions of dollars in developing new drugs and are generally well-prepared to contest any allegations of civil liability for injuries to patients.

While this can present a challenge in your fight for full and fair compensation, your experience should never be discounted. A Tarpon Springs dangerous drugs lawyer could review your circumstances and help you build a strong injury case. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards holding a negligent manufacturer accountable and getting the compensation you deserve.

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