In Florida, the Nursing Home Reform Act gives every nursing home resident the legal right to be treated fairly and to maintain their privacy, dignity, and respect. While many nursing homes adequately provide these fundamental rights, some do not.

If you or your loved one was injured due to the negligence of a nursing home staff member or care policies, a Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help. If retained, a compassionate injury attorney could work tirelessly to gather and assess evidence of neglect and build a thorough claim for recovery.

How Does Abuse Happen in Nursing Homes?

In some cases, nursing home abuse occurs because a staff member is not willing to do their job properly. For example, they may want to take a treatment shortcut which hurts a resident—such as neglecting to administer the proper amount of medication or adequately bathe a resident—or they may simply not want to do their job.

Other times, a staff member may be frustrated by dealing with a nursing home resident, and so they behave in a manner that directly harms a resident. Often, however, abuse may be the result of a nursing home being understaffed and overworked. These conditions may lead to staff members making mistakes and inadvertently hurting the residents, even when they do not intend to.

Regardless of the reasons behind neglect or abuse, however, an injured nursing home resident and their family have a legal right to request compensation. However, discovering evidence of abuse may be difficult, meaning an injured resident or their family may benefit from consulting a well-practiced Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse attorney.

Identifying Care Facility Neglect in Tarpon Springs

One common element of many nursing home abuse cases that may make them complicated is when the mistreated or neglected resident does not speak up about their mistreatment. Often, this is because they do not understand that it is happening, or because they may simply be too embarrassed to admit it.

Because of this, some residents have to rely upon their family to spot signs of abuse and take subsequent action. Some of the most common signs a family could look out for include:

  • Unexplained infections
  • Improper hygiene — including matted hair or general uncleanliness
  • Dehydration, such as chapped and dry lips, very dry skin, or rapid breathing
  • Malnutrition — fatigue, swollen and bleeding gums, or dry, scaly skin
  • Marks on wrists or ankles that may indicate improper restraint
  • Bedsores
  • Broken bones

Seek the Services of a Tarpon Springs Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you have noticed signs that your loved one may be suffering neglect or mistreatment in their nursing home, reach out to a Tarpon Springs nursing home abuse lawyer about filing a claim for compensation.

After you have noticed that your loved one may be suffering, you may be upset and unsure of how to proceed. By working with a dedicated injury attorney, you could gather evidence and file a claim to demand recovery for your loved one’s losses. To start discussing your claim, call today.

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