A person who falls victim to a defective product accident may be left with various personal injuries and property damage. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to such accidents.

A Tarpon Springs defective products lawyer could help you file a lawsuit against the parties liable for your injuries. In the process, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain your rights and legal options for pursuing compensation.

Discovery, Liability, and Evidence in Faulty Products Cases

Given the statute of limitations for filing a defective product lawsuit, any individual who believes they have grounds for an injury case should take action quickly. The rule of discovery in Florida states that the time period for filing a claim begins as soon as a prospective plaintiff becomes aware of their injuries.

In cases where the product in question had an expected useful life of a decade or less, a lawsuit cannot be filed under the statute of repose if the harm was caused 12 or more years after the delivery of the product to the buyer. As such, it is generally wise to speak with a Tarpon Springs dangerous products attorney as soon as possible after discovering an injury related to a consumer product.

Liability in Malfunctioning Products Cases

While the manufacturer of a product is most likely to be named as a defendant in a lawsuit, identifying the liable party is rarely this straightforward. Numerous problems could cause a product to be defective and dangerous, and examining which phase of the process directly led to a defect could be crucial to filing a successful lawsuit against the responsible parties.

To successfully recover compensation, a plaintiff must show that the product which allegedly injured them had a defect that presented an unreasonable risk of harm to them and which subsequently caused harm. A product can be found defective in three different ways: an error in design, an error during manufacturing, or an error in marketing.

Products could be found defective through design when the manufacturer’s intended design led to accidents and injuries. Conversely, products could be viewed as defective due to manufacturing if an error in the manufacturing process unreasonably exposed buyers to risk of harm from a product that otherwise was designed to operate safely

Finally, products could be classified as defective due to their marketing if the manufacturer failed to provide enough warnings about the product for it to be used safely. A tenacious defective products lawyer in Tarpon Springs could investigate how a product became defective and could recommend which steps a plaintiff should take to pursue financial restitution.

Consult a Tarpon Springs Defective Products Attorney Today

While it is often a consumer’s first reaction to notify the company that something went wrong with the product, certain injuries may require you to take further legal action. The ideal time to find legal support for your claim is immediately after a product-related accident has caused injuries.

Defective product cases can be complex and might require the insight of an investigation team or expert witness, all of which a skilled personal injury attorney ould help procure. Reach out to a Tarpon Springs defective products lawyer as soon as possible to begin your injury case.

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