A bus accident can leave passengers with devastating injuries. If you are involved in such a wreck, you may be overwhelmed with the financial costs of your injuries while also being unable to return to work before receiving treatment.

When a bus wreck is caused by the driver’s or another party’s negligent behavior, a Tarpon Springs bus accident lawyer could help. A well-versed injury attorney could help you fight for compensation both in and out of court.

Causes of Bus Accidents

A bus accident is typically caused directly by the careless or reckless behavior of the driver. If the driver did not have appropriate training or was not paying attention, they may be more likely to cause an accident that results in life-changing injuries to passengers.

Bus drivers could also endanger people inside and around their vehicle by:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to complete a safety check
  • Failing to respond to emergent maintenance issues
  • Driving far too fast for weather conditions

Since most buses do not have seat belts for passengers, the chances of being thrown around the vehicle or even through the windows present additional opportunities for critical injuries. No matter the cause of a specific incident, a knowledgeable Tarpon Springs bus accident attorney could work on a plaintiff’s behalf to build a comprehensive claim and champion their case.

Assigning Responsibility for a Bus Crash

From a legal standpoint, determining liability for a bus accident can be complex. Most bus accident cases are not clear-cut and require further investigation and potentially even assistance from an accident reconstruction specialist.

It is possible that more than one party could be held responsible in a bus wreck case. For example, a company that manufactured a bus with a defective part could be named as a defendant if that flawed component contributed to causing a crash.

Likewise, if it is shown that the company employing the bus driver did not provide the right training or supervision, the employer of a negligent bus driver could also be held liable. In light of this, though, companies and carriers often look for ways to downplay their own liability

Failing to hire an accomplished bus accident lawyer could expose a plaintiff in Tarpon Springs to the risk of losing the compensation they may be owed. A thorough investigation that speaks to how the accident likely occurred could help move a plaintiff closer to a settlement or a positive outcome at trial.

After a successful suit, a bus wreck plaintiff could be entitled to recovery of damages for lost wages, current and future medical expenses, lost earning capacity, and more. Additional damages could be awarded in bus accident cases involving wrongful death.

Government Liability in Bus Wreck Cases

Most buses in Florida are owned and operated by government entities. When filing a lawsuit against such an entity, the timeline for filing is much stricter compared to that in other personal injury cases.

While the government in Florida is protected from specific liability, the state has waived that right under the sovereign immunity law for claims of up to $200,000. If the claim goes beyond this amount, it is likely the case that the claim involves multiple defendants.

What a Tarpon Springs Bus Accident Attorney Could Do

If you or a family member has suffered because of a bus driver or other party’s negligence, hiring a Tarpon Springs bus accident lawyer could help protect the integrity of your claim. A dedicated attorney may be able to gather evidence, communicate with expert witnesses, negotiate with the insurance company, and lead the accident reconstruction team present a compelling case in court on your behalf. Call today to get started on your bus wreck case.

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