Motorcycle accidents and car crashes often result in very different outcomes and legal cases, potentially leading to higher-value compensation due to more severe injuries. However, these types of crashes can involve nuanced legal inquiries, such as if the injured party was using protecting gear.

An experienced St. Augustine attorney could help you handle the complicated law surrounding motorcycle crashes. An attorney could calculate the loss of quality of life and financial losses to try to recover the most damages possible for an injured party. Additionally, an attorney can advise an individual of what to do after a motorcycle accident in St. Augustine.

What Should Be the First Thing a Person Should Do After a Collision?

Motorcycle accidents are very distressing. However, it is important to remember that the moments following a motorcycle accident can significantly affect future legal actions. For this reason, parties to a motorcycle crash should take immediate steps to protect their rights and to strengthen their claim. Some of these actions include:

  • Remaining calm
  • Moving out the way of traffic
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call 911 and file a police report
  • Collect everyone’s contact information
  • Jot down notes and take photos of the accident
  • Take statements from witnesses

The Aftermath of  Motorcycle Crashes in St. Augustine

The responsible party’s insurance company may call an injured party once adrenaline and chaos have subsided. It is essential that victims do not speak with the insurance companies or their representatives unless they are with their attorney. The adjusters are trained to ask leading questions and do everything they can to save the insurance company money by limiting payouts.

Additionally, the injured party should avoid repairing any damages to their motorcycle until the damages are appropriately documented by their attorney. All in all, a rider should read up on helpful steps to take after a motorcycle crash in St. Augustine.

Seeking Damages After Motorcycle Accidents in St. Augustine

Regardless of a personal injury case’s details, the goal is to restore justice and make things right for the injured party. For instance, compensatory damages could be awarded to an injured party. This category of damages refers to the money paid to the injured party for the harm they suffered such as medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of any repairs to damaged property.

Valuing a Case

Because each case is unique and has various different factors, it is challenging to predict damages a plaintiff may receive. For example, a prediction of what the case is worth typically rests on what a jury may award the plaintiff, what a defendant would agree to pay, and what the plaintiff would accept as a settlement.

For this reason, it is imperative that a licensed attorney is best qualified to predict damages in a case and determine a practical course of action following a motorcycle accident in St. Augustine. The two most important factors an attorney will consider to value a case are the magnitude of the plaintiff’s damages and the severity of their injuries.

An Attorney Could Help You

After a car crash, you may be overwhelmed by the complicated legal process and the various bills that pile up. This stress may be compounded by the consequences and injuries of the accident potentially forcing you to miss work.

Professional legal assistance could help you focus on healing by helping you handle your claim. Knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident in St. Augustine before you find yourself in one could help you protect your rights and your ability to recover damages. To get started on your case, call now.

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