Motor scooters and mopeds are popular in St. Augustine. Given the pleasant weather, this mode of transportation provides an economical option year-round. The unfortunate downside is that accidents involving motor scooters generally cause severe injuries or may even be fatal.

If you are injured in a motor scooter accident, a practiced motorcycle injury attorney could explain your legal options. You are entitled to pursue litigation when the accident results from another motorist’s carelessness. A St. Augustine motor scooter accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing just compensation for the damages you have sustained.

Are There Laws That Specifically Address Motor Scooters in St. Augustine?

Understanding the laws surrounding the use of motor scooters in St. Augustine could benefit a lawyer handling an accident claim. According to Florida Statute Section 316.003(45), a motorized scooter is a two or three-wheeled vehicle that can travel no faster than 20 miles per hour. These vehicles may be powered by electricity or gas.

There is no special license to operate a moped. Anyone at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license may operate them. Motor scooter operators must abide by all traffic laws, and may not ride on highways, interstates, or sidewalks. Helmets are not required as long as the vehicle never reaches 30 miles per hour.

Moped riders do not enjoy special privileges on the roadways. It is illegal to ride abreast of other vehicles in the same lane. Additionally, scooter operators must ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible.

These laws and regulations may lead to more than a ticket and the fine that comes with it. When a St. Augustine scooter operator violates these laws and is involved in an accident, it could negatively impact their claim for compensation.

What Damages Are Available in Motor Scooter Accident Lawsuits?

The injuries and financial loss that comes with a motor scooter accident are often severe. Unlike cars and other motor vehicles, a scooter offers limited protection for its rider. A St. Augustine attorney could help an injured motor scooter rider recover compensation for these losses. Common examples of damages in a motor scooter accident claim include:

Motor Scooter Damage Expenses

When a motor scooter collides with a larger vehicle, it is usually severely damaged. While some it could be possible to repair some mopeds after a crash, most of them involved in accidents are total losses. A plaintiff could seek compensation to cover the cost of replacing or repairing their motor scooter.

Medical Expenses

The significant injuries that may result from a motor scooter crash are often costly. However, with a successful injury claim, a plaintiff could seek compensation for hospital bills, medical devices, and physical therapy.

Pain and Suffering

Following an accident, compensation could also be available for the scooter operator’s physical suffering. There is no easy method to determine the value of a person’s pain. This decision is ultimately made by a jury and will take into account the anguish they may experience for the rest of their life due to the accident.

Call a St. Augustine Motor Scooter Accidents Attorney

A dedicated attorney could help you through every stage of an injury claim. Following a scooter crash, your legal counsel could evaluate your claim, negotiate a settlement, or take the case to court to fight for fair compensation.

If you believe you are entitled to monetary damages following a crash, a St. Augustine motor scooter accident lawyer may be able to help. Call right away to discuss your situation and get started.

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