Motorcycles offer the citizens of St. Johns County an economical way to get around. Unfortunately, the benefits of riding on two wheels come with serious risks. Our St. Augustine motorcycle accident attorneys assist people who have suffered injuries or lost family members in motorbike wrecks.

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How a St. Augustine Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

A motorcycle accident can have a profound impact on your life. Even if you are lucky enough to escape catastrophic injury, you may need to attend many months of rehabilitation sessions and doctor appointments. During this time, you may be losing money from missing work and enduring losses in quality of life. This is where our attorneys can help.

We can serve as your tenacious legal advocate through every stage of the claims process. Our legal team can compile evidence, take over dialogue with the insurer, and help you avoid critical mistakes.

Understanding the Rights of Motorcycle Riders

All people who operate a vehicle on Florida’s roads assume a duty of care. This duty extends towards all other people they may encounter while driving and includes drivers of other cars, passengers, pedestrians, and, of course, bikers. Because of this, anytime a driver takes an action that causes another to come to harm, or fails to act, that driver has a legal responsibility to compensate the victim.

This structure forms the core of the legal cause of action known as negligence. Negligence allows individuals who have been harmed in accidents to hold the at-fault parties legally liable for their actions. Even though the defendant did not mean to cause any harm, the fact that their actions were taken without regard for safety creates liability. Common examples of negligence on the road that can lead to accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield
  • Ignoring stop signs
  • Improper lane changes
  • Texting while driving

A St. Augustine motorcycle accident lawyer could help gather evidence of this poor driving in an attempt to prove defendant negligence.

Types of Injuries Commonly Seen in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can take a severe toll on riders. Even at low speeds, contact can throw the rider off the bike. This can result in severe scrapes and cuts from sliding along the pavement. At higher speeds, a collision may result in the rider being pushed into oncoming traffic or even being trapped under the defendant’s vehicle. As a result, motorcycle accidents can cause life-changing physical injuries. These can typically include:

  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints

Any of these injuries can form the backbone of a personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident. However, a fully realized claim will demand compensation for more than just medical bills.

People injured in these accidents may also be losing substantial earnings at their jobs. As a result, if a plaintiff can provide proof that the accident caused these losses, they can demand compensation from the defendant for this lost money. In addition, a plaintiff can also demand payments if they are suffering any mental anguish connected to the incident. All of this combines to make a plaintiff whole again following a motorcycle accident. A St. Augustine motorcycle lawyer could help demand the full, appropriate compensation for these injuries.

However, even cases involving the most severe injuries may fail if a plaintiff does not act in time. A Florida law known as the statute of limitations strictly controls when a person can bring a case to court. According to Florida Statute §95.11, all cases alleging personal injury must be in court within four years of the date of the accident.

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