People get rear-ended all of the time and generally, rear-end crashes result in little more than a bent fender and the hassle of insurance paperwork to pay for repairs to any property damage to the car. Unfortunately, some rear-end accidents result in serious harm to the cars’ occupants, requiring the help of a seasoned car accident attorney.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury after another vehicle crashed into the back of your car, you might be entitled to recover compensation from that other driver. A skilled Kenneth City rear-end car accident lawyer to see if pursuing a case against the at-fault driver is the right decision from your family.

What Causes a Car to Crash into Another Car from Behind?

Accidents often occur when the trailing driver tailgates or follows too closely to the lead driver. If the rear driver is not following at a safe distance, then they may be unable to stop as quickly as is necessary, such as when a child darts into the road, forcing the lead driver to slam on their brakes. Rear-end crashes also occur when drivers are distracted. Additionally, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could seriously impact that driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle.

Types of Injuries in a Rear-End Crash

Many rear-end collisions occur at relatively low speeds, often at crosswalks, stoplights, or other intersections. However, even low-speed accidents could cause serious bodily harm. As with all other kinds of car accidents, rear-end collisions can cause broken bones, internal injuries, spinal injuries, head injuries, and even death.

Because rear-end collisions occur from behind, the driver of the lead vehicle likely would not have had the opportunity to brace themselves from the impact of a crash. This makes injuries such as whiplash extremely common. Because whiplash injuries do not generally show up on medical tests, an at-fault driver and their insurance company may argue that a claimant is faking the whiplash pain or that a pre-existing medical condition is causing their pain. An experienced local personal injury attorney could thoroughly examine the medical reports and present the evidence in the best possible light to demonstrate the validity and severity of all of the claimant’s injuries after a rear-end collision in Kenneth City.

Determining Fault in Kenneth City

People generally assume that the trailing car bears the sole responsibility for a rear-end accident, but determining liability is not always that simple. Sometimes, the lead car is at least partially responsible for the crash. The lead driver’s insurance company might try to fight the payment of proceeds, or their defense attorney might try to fight liability. A court could find that the lead driver bears some responsibility in cases in which:

  • The lead car’s brake lights were broken, making it difficult to see the vehicle stop
  • The lead car stopped short for no reason, forcing the trailing car to slam into them
  • The lead car backed into the trailing car

Because Florida courts use pure comparative negligence, a claimant might still recover damages if they were partially, or even mostly, responsible for the accident that caused their injuries. Courts will reduce the damages awarded to the claimant according to their percentage of fault in the accident. An experienced local attorney could help by examining police reports, cellphone records, and interviewing witnesses to establish the rear driver’s liability.

Reach out for Legal Assistance

Just because another car rear-ended your car does not mean that you will automatically receive payment from the other driver’s insurance company. You need an attorney by your side who will aggressively fight for your rights against the insurance companies who will try to deny liability by blaming you for the accident. Consult a Kenneth City rear-end car accident lawyer who will work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call now to learn more.

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