When people are leaving a store and are driving through the parking lot, they do not expect to be involved in a car crash. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes occur. Even though cars are usually not traveling at high rates of speed in parking lots, sometimes those accidents result in serious bodily harm. If you sustained an injury in a parking lot, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the responsible driver. Reach out to a Kenneth City parking lot accident lawyer to see if you might be entitled to some financial relief. A dedicated car crash lawyer could help you get justice for your injuries.

Why do Parking Lot Accidents Occur?

Parking lot accidents usually occur because of distracted driving. Because drivers are often in a rush to get to their next destination, they may not pay enough attention to what is happening around them. They may fail to look in their mirrors to see what is behind them before exiting their parking space. Or, drivers may be so busy searching for the best parking space that they fail to see another car backing up. In addition, because they are traveling so slowly in parking lots, drivers may somehow feel that they can safely check their cellphones or adjust their car radios. At other times, parking lot accidents occur when a driver speeds.

Injuries Resulting from Parking Lot Accidents in Kenneth City

Because cars generally travel at less than fifteen miles per hour in parking lots, when two cars hit each other, usually only small dents and other minor property damage to the cars occur, and the drivers and passengers of the cars escape with no personal injuries. However, if a driver in a parking lot is forced to make a violent, sudden stop, they may suffer head and neck injuries. Additionally, even in low-speed collisions, drivers and passengers may sustain injuries such as a broken nose, facial lacerations, chest injuries, and even internal injuries from deployed airbags. These injuries could result in lengthy recuperation periods. A skilled attorney could help a claimant recover compensation for both the property damage and the personal injuries that they have sustained.

How an Attorney Could Help Kenneth City Claimants

The amount of damages that a claimant can recoup depends on the type and extent of injuries suffered. The at-fault driver’s insurance company may work to get a claimant to settle quickly, but this is often not the best option. Reaching out to an attorney quickly could help a claimant preserve evidence and their rights to seek recovery for all of the damages that they have suffered. Skilled local legal counsel has the necessary experience to work with insurance companies and adjusters. They can thoroughly review all the details in a claimant’s case, and pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver for negligence or reckless driving. An experienced attorney could also negotiate with the other side to try to recover the maximum possible compensation for their damages.

Call for Auto Wreck Legal Assistance Today

You may be facing a painful and lengthy recovery process as you recuperate from the serious injuries that you sustained in a parking lot. Reach out to a qualified Kenneth City parking lot accident lawyer today to let them handle the complicated legal and financial aspects of your recovery so you can focus on recuperating. Call a local lawyer today to get started on a claim against the at-fault driver.

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