If you recently lost a family member under unexpected circumstances, it might seem like a moot point to pursue legal action against a person or entity whose negligence or intentional act caused their death. While civil litigation cannot bring your loved one back, it may be important to your family’s future that you seek compensation for the financial harm caused by someone else’s reckless actions.

An experienced Kenneth City wrongful death lawyer knows how emotional this time can be and could offer guidance and support throughout the entire litigation process. With a compassionate personal injury attorney by your side, the process of seeking restitution for a family member’s death may feel a little more manageable.

How State Law Addresses Wrongful Death Claims

Chapter 768 of the Florida Statutes establishes various rules and procedures for how the family of a deceased individual can file suit against another party responsible for causing their death. A wrongful death lawsuit based on legal negligence must be brought by the decedent’s personal representative on behalf of the deceased person’s estate and certain surviving members of their family.

In addition to immediate family members like the decedent’s spouse, parents, and/or children by blood, anyone who was financially dependent on the decedent to any degree may be eligible to recover damages as well. A child born to unwed parents may be included in any wrongful death suit for their birth mother, but they must have been legally recognized by their birth father and have received financial support from him to recover in the event of his death.

An important difference to note between wrongful death cases and other personal injury lawsuits in Florida is the applicable statute of limitations. Families have a deadline of two years from the decedent’s death for most parties to file suit, which is much shorter than the usual period. However, a knowledgeable Kenneth City wrongful death attorney could help determine whether any exceptions may apply in a particular case.

Damages That Could Be Recovered

Damages recoverable by the decedent’s estate may include lost current and future work income the decedent reasonably could have expected to make, medical expenses for treatment preceding the decedent’s death, and gains from investments and other financial holdings the decedent could have used had they survived. Conversely, a wrongful death lawyer in Kenneth City could help a decedent’s family members pursue compensation for loss of companionship, emotional pain and suffering, any medical expenses they paid out of pocket on their loved one’s behalf, and loss of services and financial support.

Consider Seeking Help from a Kenneth City Wrongful Death Attorney

There is nothing that financial compensation can do to make up for the person you lost as a result of someone else’s actions. What this kind of restitution could do, though, is make sure that you and your family do not struggle financially in addition to the grief and pain you must endure.

If retained, a Kenneth City wrongful death lawyer could be your steadfast ally throughout any legal proceedings you wish to undertake after your loved one’s untimely death. To discuss your legal options in a confidential setting, call today to schedule an initial meeting.

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