Tractor-trailers are a crucial part of Florida’s commercial infrastructure, and the professionals who operate them are specially trained to drive these massive vehicles safely and securely. However, not every truck driver acts consistently with their training at all times and when their negligence causes a crash on the highway, the results can be devastating for everyone involved.

If you were hurt in a crash involving a semi-truck or another commercial vehicle, it may be worth exploring your legal options with a personal injury attorney. A skilled Kenneth City truck accident lawyer could support you through the civil claims process and hold the responsible party and their insurance company accountable for your damages.

What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Kenneth City?

The same irresponsible roadway behaviors that cause commuter car accidents can happen behind the wheel of a truck as well. No matter how well-trained they are, a truck driver who is fatigued, influenced by alcohol or drugs, or distracted by their cell phone has a much higher risk of causing a crash than another driver who is diligently paying attention to the road. Unsafe driving in the form of speeding, disregarding traffic signs or signals, and tailgating is particularly dangerous when the reckless driver is hauling several tons of cargo.

However, tractor-trailer accidents may become difficult when attempting to assign fault. While a negligent truck driver may be the primary negligent party, their employer may bear some responsibility as well for hiring them if they had a history of traffic violations or other unsafe behavior.

Moreover, if a wreck occurs due to an unsecured load, a mechanical fault, or a failure to follow regulations set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the driver may not be liable at all. Instead, the attorney could file the suit against the company that loaded the truck, a mechanic who improperly serviced the truck or a trucking company that forced its drivers to drive for too long without breaks to maximize profit.

Recovering for Losses Sustained

Given the potentially catastrophic consequences that truck drivers can cause, victims may face more significant and lasting ramifications than immediate medical costs. If a truck crash leaves a victim with a severe and permanent disability, any and all future medical costs should be factored into a settlement demand. This may include repair costs for the injured party’s vehicle, wages missed from time spent out of work, and any loss of future earning capacity that a plaintiff’s injuries may have caused.

Furthermore, non-economic damages may also be necessary after particularly severe accidents. The loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium with family, and general pain and suffering associated with severe truck wrecks may not have objective financial values, but a knowledgeable truck crash lawyer in Kenneth City could still work to include them in a plaintiff’s case when appropriate.

Learn More from a Kenneth City Truck Accident Attorney Today

After a severe accident with a commercial truck, you may have many questions about how to recover financially and who to hold accountable. In addition to answering these and any other questions you have, a qualified Kenneth City truck accident lawyer could walk you through every step of filing suit, working tirelessly on your behalf to pursue a positive outcome. Call today to set up an initial consultation.

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