When your doctor prescribes medication or suggests an over-the-counter product, you reasonably expect it to work without any serious side effects. Pharmaceutical companies often race to put competing drugs on the market, and any delay could cost millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this rush to profit often leads to design flaws and lax testing, potentially releasing a dangerous medication to the public.

If you suffered a medical injury or illness after taking a new medication, a personal injury attorney could review your case and help you seek monetary compensation. The thought of facing down a pharmaceutical company can be intimidating. These companies have seemingly limitless assets and access to powerful attorneys, but they are not invincible. A Kenneth City dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold these giant corporations accountable for their carelessness and your losses.

Types of Dangerous Drugs Claims

Dangerous or defective drugs fall into three general categories. While each type of claim involves significant medical complications, they differ significantly in how those consequences come about.

Many drugs are dangerous due to defective manufacturing. These types of claims include defects that occur in the design process as well as the manufacturing. Some drugs are so inherently dangerous due to poor design that the entire batch is potentially harmful. Defects further down the supply chain might also lead to a well-designed medication to become dangerous. These defects could occur when created, stored, or transported, and even when the drugs are in the hands of a doctor or pharmacist.

Other dangerous drug claims result from extreme side effects. A side effect is an unintended effect medication has. They are common with most prescription and over-the-counter drugs and are typically harmless or mildly annoying. While some drugs have dangerous side effects, a person injured by them might not have a claim if they were warned of the potential ramifications. A Kenneth City person injured by dangerous drugs could discuss the possibility with their attorney prior to filing suit.

The final type of dangerous drug claim is known as a marketing defect. Drug marketing is the term for warning labels and instructions that come with medication. If the marketing is incomplete or unclear, a consumer could suffer injuries by accidentally taking the drugs in an unintended way.

Parties Responsible for a Dangerous Drug

When a Kenneth City attorney initially reviews a dangerous drugs claim, their focus will likely be on the drug manufacturer itself. However, there is the potential that other parties could be responsible for a dangerous drug injury. Anyone involved in the process from the design of the drug to the delivery of the medication to the patient could potentially face civil liability for their negligence, including:

  • Drug designers
  • Drug manufacturers
  • Testing labs
  • Quality assurance technicians
  • Retailers
  • Pharmacists
  • Doctors

Call a Kenneth City Dangerous Drugs Attorney Immediately

The theories used to prosecute a civil case against the manufacturer of a dangerous drug might seem simple. However, there are significant complexities to this area of the law that cannot be understated.

A Kenneth City dangerous drugs lawyer could advise you of the potential hurdles your claim might face and how to overcome them. To discuss your claim with experienced legal counsel, schedule an initial consultation right away.

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