While they may be one of the more common types of car accidents, rear-end collisions can result in serious consequences. In addition to damage to your vehicle, you may also suffer injuries such as whiplash, neck injury, head trauma, musculoskeletal injury, and more. Here at Emerson Straw, we are proud to serve as St. Petersburg attorneys for rear end car accidents, and we’re here to fight for you. When you’ve been hit through no fault of your own, you should not have to deal with the physical, emotional, and financial repercussions all on your own. Let us get you the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Rear end car accidents happen regularly here in Florida, but sometimes they end with one or more parties being seriously injured. If you have been hurt in this kind of car crash, you may be wondering how you and your loved ones will deal with the medical bills, lost wages, and other negative impacts. Worry no more. Our team of experienced and tenacious personal injury professionals is here for you. You can trust us to work hard on your behalf, and you can finally rest well, knowing you’re in capable hands. Emerson Straw is the premier car crash law firm in St. Petersburg, and we’re ready to help you!

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