Being involved in a car crash can be overwhelming and traumatizing, no matter the circumstances. However, a successful claim for compensation against an at-fault driver might help to alleviate your financial burden while you recover from your injuries.

Unfortunately, if the other motorist flees the scene, pursuing this compensation may feel impossible. A St. Petersburg hit-and-run accident lawyer may be able to help, however. By working with a skilled accident attorney, you could understand your legal rights and have help conducting an investigation into the circumstances of a crash.

What to Do After a Hit and Run in St. Petersburg

According to state law, a hit-and-run is an auto accident caused by a driver who then flees the scene. For whatever the reason, some motorists simply do not stop after a crash and determine if the injured party needs assistance. Therefore, if someone was injured and were subsequently unable to obtain any identifying information from the fleeing driver, they would usually have to proceed with an uninsured motorist claim through their own insurance policy. Luckily, many policies within Florida contain this form of coverage, because these hit-and-run incidents are so common.

However, an injured claimant may benefit from the knowledge of a St. Petersburg attorney in order to determine if their policy has this coverage. If it does not, a legal professional could also assist in determining why this coverage does not exist.

This is because, in Florida, any motor vehicle policy delivered with personal liability coverage is required to have uninsured motorist coverage, as well. Therefore, if the insurance company did not grant this to an injured motorist, they have to explain why or instead produce a signed statement by the insured driver indicating that they specifically declined this type of coverage. However, declining that coverage needs to be on a state-approved form and must be done in writing by the insured.

Why Do Motorists Flee the Scene After an Accident?

There are common fact patterns surrounding why hit-and-run incidents happen in St.  Petersburg. When they occur at night or on the weekend, one of the leading causes for an at-fault motorist fleeing the scene is due to the fact that were drinking or doing other illegal substances. Because of this, many drivers do not want to wait for the police to arrive and investigate the cause of an accident.

Another common cause during daytime hours is due to a driver not having their license, or not having the required statutory insurance on their vehicle. This might cause them to flee the scene because an investigating officer would ask both parties to produce both of these documents. In other situations, panic is the reason that a driver decides to drive off after a crash. When this happens, they drive away simply to avoid being implicated in any potential legal claims.

Less frequent are those drivers who flee the scene of a crash because there is a warrant out for their arrest. No matter the circumstances, however, a skilled lawyer could help to assess the circumstances behind a hit-and-run incident.

Retain a St. Petersburg Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney for Help

If you were injured in a car crash with an at-fault driver who fled the scene, you may feel as though your situation is hopeless. However, by consulting with a St. Petersburg hit-and-run accident lawyer, you could understand your legal options and decide how to best proceed for your situation.

A well-practiced could assess your insurance coverage and work tirelessly to file a claim for compensation for your lossess. To begin building a claim, call a legal professional today.

St. Petersburg Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

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