Florida is not known for having icy roads, but the weather can be very volatile, changing quickly, creating very wet and sometimes flooded roadways. Water could collect into puddles or pools that might cause hydroplaning or visibility may be reduced by a torrential downpour. Given those conditions, drivers must operate their vehicles safely, which potentially means they should slow down, turn on their headlights, and ensure that their windshield wipers are functioning properly.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car wreck that was caused by foul weather conditions, you may need the help of a St. Petersburg bad weather car accident lawyer to fight for the compensation you need. After a severe injury, medical bills can stack up and if you cannot work during your recovery, it may be unclear how you will meet this financial burden. With a dedicated car accident attorney at your side, you could take the fight to the responsible driver’s insurance company and get the justice you deserve.

Beginning a Bad Weather Car Crash Claim

A person should take photos of the scene immediately after an accident once medical needs are attended to, especially in wet road conditions. Roads dry, and they dry quickly. As such, it may be difficult to identify what role the weather played in an accident report. Oftentimes, the only information we get is a little box in which the officer can check or write in a number that indicates the roadway was wet. But there is a big difference between just a wet roadway and a roadway that has pooling, puddles, and other things that make it dangerous.

Assigning Fault in St. Petersburg Foul Weather Accident Cases

Dangerous weather might impact assignment of fault because drivers must adjust their driving manner based on the circumstances and environment around them. Everyone on the road has a duty to act safely to protect everybody else using the motorway. They have to make sure that they are following at a safe distance, allowing for sufficient stopping distance, as well as maintaining key equipment such as lights and windshield wipers for visibility, both theirs and other drivers’. Hydroplaning may cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle as their tires lose contact and grip with the pavement, potentially causing an accident. Hydroplaning is almost always caused by driving too fast for the road conditions.

In Florida, the law requires drivers to have their headlights on when it is raining. Additionally, drivers should avoid anything that would distract them such as cellphones, GPS devices, and even other passengers. If the driver responsible for causing the accident was either distracted while they were driving or they did not maintain their vehicle to a safe level, they may be held liable with help from a local foul weather car accident lawyer.

How an Attorney Could Help Recover Compensation

As with any other case, a person in a dangerous weather accident can seek to recover property damage or bodily injury damages from the other driver. A lawyer could help investigate the case and guide you through the claims process to get you the money you need to pay medical bills and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Consult with a St. Petersburg bad weather car accident lawyer by calling today or scheduling an appointment.

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