Busses offer a convenient, economical, and environmentally sound way for many Floridians to travel. Because busses take on passengers who pay a fare, Florida law says that they have a duty to protect these people. In addition, bus drivers have the same duties to protect all other motorists and pedestrians that all other drivers have.

Because of this, anyone who is injured by the negligent acts of a bus driver has the right to demand compensation in civil court. A St. Augustine bus accident lawyer may be able to help. Whether the operator of the bus is a city or a private company, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help gather evidence, analyze the relevant laws, and demand appropriate compensation.

Busses and St. Augustine Law

Busses are what are known as common carriers. This simply means that they take on passengers for a fare. Because of this, the bus company assumes a duty to protect these passengers from any foreseeable harm. This includes a duty to protect them from the negligence of their own drivers.

However, bussing companies also maintain a duty to protect non-passengers. This is the same duty that all motorists have to protect other people. Therefore, other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians can sue negligent bus companies for the actions of their drivers.

No matter who the injured person is in the case, they will have only a limited time to file a claim. This is because Florida has enacted a statute of limitations on all personal injury cases that determine when a court will hear a case.

According to Florida Statute §95.11, plaintiffs must act within four years of the date of the accident. Any failure to do so may result in a court refusing to hear the case and any insurance companies could cease all settlement negotiations.

Common Types of Injuries in Bus Accident Cases

Busses are large vehicles that easily dwarf most other objects on the road. As a result, any collision between a bus and a passenger car is likely to end poorly for the occupants of that smaller car. People involved in these accidents may be lucky to escape with their lives.

In addition, the passengers inside the bus are also vulnerable. Busses rarely have seatbelts and a collision can result in an individual being thrown around the inside of a cabin. Typical injuries suffered in these accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Burns
  • Amputations

A bus accident claim can demand compensation for all the medical costs associated with treating these injuries. This includes payments for future medical costs. However, a truly comprehensive claim will also demand payment for any economic losses and mental anguish. A St. Augustine bus accident lawyer could work to determine the full value of someone’s case and to demand maximum compensation.

Let a St. Augustine Bus Accident Attorney Help

Bus accidents are serious, chaotic events in a person’s life. Even a minor incident could require a trip to an emergency room and months of rehabilitation. While many people may be expected to make a full recovery, others may suffer permanent losses due to the negligence of bus drivers.

Whether an injured person is a passenger on that bus, a driver in their own car, or even a pedestrian, they have the right under Florida law to demand compensation for their losses. A St. Augustine bus accident lawyer could help you fight back against the insurance companies and to press their claims for maximum compensation. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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