When doctors in St. Augustine prescribe medication, it is natural to presume that the drugs you are taking will be safe and help alleviate the problem they were diagnosed to treat. Sometimes, however, the side effects produced by medications are so severe and so damaging that the medication should be considered inherently dangerous.

These types of dangerous drugs can cause illnesses and injuries that greatly exceed the condition the medication was supposed to treat, sometimes in the form of long-term or permanent consequences. So, if you have suffered serious harm after taking medications, you may want to talk to a capable personal injury attorney about your legal options. A St. Augustine dangerous drugs lawyer could work to find out whether you may be able to receive compensation for losses such as medical bills and pain and suffering.

Causes of Harm from Defective Medications

Damaging encounters with dangerous drugs may stem from any number of situations, but among the most common are:

  • Failure to properly warn of potential side effects
  • Dispensing incorrect dosage
  • Defects in the manufacture of a drug or the means of administering the drug
  • Mislabeling
  • Failure to test the drug on a sufficient number of people or for a long enough period

It often requires substantial investigation to determine the reason why a drug becomes dangerous. Experienced dangerous drugs lawyers in St. Augustine should be well-equipped to assist in investigating the cause of such a condition and determining the parties who are responsible.

Parties Who May Bear Responsibility

Drugs can cause harm to patients in a variety of different ways due to a number of different causes. A manufacturer may be held responsible for failure to properly test a medication and failure to disclose known side effects. Alternatively, they may be held responsible for defects in manufacturing.

In some situations, testing facilities may be held liable for using improper techniques or reporting results incorrectly. In others, the pharmacy who dispenses drugs may be liable for incorrect labeling, dispensing the wrong medication, or failing to provide required information about drug interactions.

Finally, doctors and medical facilities may also bear responsibility for prescribing the wrong medication or dosage, or for prescribing medication not approved for a particular use. A St. Augustine dangerous drugs attorney could help an individual plaintiff determine who is responsible for their damages and subsequently file suit against the appropriate party or parties.

Winning a Dangerous Drugs Case in St. Augustine

Unsurprisingly, evidence plays a key role in winning a dangerous drugs case. In cases where a lawsuit is filed alleging that a medication is inherently dangerous or that a manufacturer concealed a dangerous side effect, the case must often be handled as a class action lawsuit, since many patients may have been subjected to the same risks and injuries. A class action suit requires certification of the class by a federal court, which is a complicated procedure.

In addition, it is necessary to demonstrate in any dangerous drugs case specifically how a medication caused harm, which is often achieved with the use of expert witnesses with knowledge of the science involved. Researchers may look for patterns by analyzing medical records from around the country.

How a St. Augustine Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

If you suffered harm after taking a dangerous drug, you may be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, future anticipated medical expenses, and the impact on your job and your life, such as the loss of ability to do favorite activities.

However, your time to file a lawsuit is limited, and it is important to gather the right evidence within that time frame. So, if you are suffering from the effects of harmful medications, call today to schedule a consultation with a St. Augustine dangerous drugs lawyer who could evaluate your case and advise you of your options for recovery.

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