The central nervous system controls muscle movement in a human’s upper and lower body. When an accident or illness disrupts that system, paralysis can set in, making it difficult or impossible to move. If you or a loved one is paralyzed as the result of someone’s negligent acts, a Kenneth City paralysis injury lawyer can work with you to get the compensation you need. Working with a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies and fight for justice after your injury.

What Are Some Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries?

Although complete or partial paralysis is most often caused by a stroke, the most common cause of a paralyzing accident to a healthy person involves a motor vehicle, either colliding with another car, or crashing into a pedestrian or bicyclist. Each year, many people are also paralyzed by sports injuries, weapons accidents, and violent crimes.

Vehicular Accidents

A negligent or reckless act by someone behind the wheel could put other motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists at risk for paralyzing injuries, including from head trauma and spinal cord injuries, which are common in severe vehicular crashes.

Sports Injuries

Amateurs often find participating in sports activities is rewarding, and talented athletes often choose sports as a career. However, some of these revered sports may cause participants to sustain head trauma leading to paralysis. The injury may have been caused by faulty headgear, or by a failure to warn of dangerous conditions. In many cases, doctors cannot tell immediately if the paralysis will be temporary or permanent. Sometimes the paralysis is localized, but at other times, it can migrate to other areas of the body. It is essential to understand how product liability, negligence, and proper compensation for injury work. Persons paralyzed in an accident should contact a Kenneth City personal injury attorney experienced in handling paralysis cases.

How Could Negligence Cause Paralysis in Kenneth City?

Although some paralyzing injuries are the result of a victim using defective products such as faulty airbags that fail to deploy during a car crash, the negligence of others causes most injuries. Florida law allows paralysis victims to sue a negligent party even if they themselves are partly at fault for the accident. The victim must show that the negligent party behaved recklessly compared to how a reasonable person would act. Negligence is generally determined as a breach of duty as every person has certain responsibilities to keep others safe from unreasonable harm or injury.

Damages Available to Kenneth City Paralysis Victims

Victims of paralyzing accidents may require a variety of care for the rest of their lives, including:

  • Medical professionals, such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, nurse’s aids
  • Teachers to relearn life skills, such as reading and writing
  • Assistance in relearning job skills
  • Housekeeping help

In addition to current medical bills and lost wages, a local accident attorney could help analyze the complicated financial damages to ensure a patient will be cared for in the future.

A Kenneth City Paralysis Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one was paralyzed in an accident, you need an advocate who can help you fight for the compensation you need. Call a Kenneth City paralysis lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

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