Accidents that cause damage to the spinal cord are among the most traumatic of personal injuries. Your spinal cord transmits signals to your brain that allow you to move. An injury can leave you partially or fully paralyzed, or in need of extensive physical therapy. If you are in an accident in which your spinal cord is damaged, contact a Kenneth City spinal cord injury lawyer to discuss your situation. A catastrophic injury lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

Common Types of Spinal Cord Accidents

Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents most often cause spinal cord injuries. An average of 253,600 auto accidents is reported in Florida every year, leaving tens of thousands of drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians entrusted to the care of doctors and therapists who help with their recovery. Victims not only face extensive medical bills, but potentially lost wages from missed work during recuperation, a decreased capacity to earn money due to disability, and chronic pain and suffering. A dedicated Kenneth City back injury attorney could help those who injured their spine in a car crash to fight for the compensation they deserve.

Slip and Fall

A person visiting a friend’s home or shopping in a commercial setting can fall because of someone’s negligence. Sometimes these falls result in life-changing spinal cord injuries. Homeowners in Florida must warn guests of known dangers, such as very slippery porch steps on a rainy day, or a pet that likes to jump on guests, potentially knocking them down. Homeowners’ insurance may cover this type of accident. But if injuries are more severe, the insurance coverage may not adequately compensate a victim, necessitating a lawsuit.

Retail stores also carry insurance in case accidents occur on the premises. A slippery liquid that has spilled and not mopped up or cordoned off could cause a severe injury if a shopper slips and falls. Customers in businesses are given special protection as invitees onto the property, so if they severely injure their spine by slipping in a store due to a proprietor’s negligence, they may need an attorney to get the compensation they deserve.


Although some spinal cord injuries may result from the victim using defective products such as faulty airbags that fail to deploy during a car crash, the negligence of others causes most injuries. Florida law allows a victim to sue a negligent party even if the victim is partly at fault for the accident. Victims must demonstrate that the negligent party behaved recklessly compared to how a reasonable person would act. Every person has certain duties to act in a reasonably safe manner for the welfare of others, and when that duty is violated, they may be liable for any resulting catastrophic injuries.

A Kenneth City Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Help

Spinal cord injuries nearly always cause significant life changes for victims and their loved ones. A Kenneth City spinal cord injury lawyer could help you negotiate a fair insurance settlement, identify the responsible parties, and take those negligent individuals to court if necessary. You deserve full compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation and protect your right to recovery.

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