Discovering that your child’s birth was treated substandardly and has resulted in cerebral palsy is nerve-racking. No parent would want their child’s future to be impeded before their life has begun. Moreover, some parents may not know that their child’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy could have stemmed from a doctor or medical professional’s lack of care during your child’s birth. If you are wondering if you could hold a negligent medical professional responsible, contacting an experienced birth injury attorney could be the first step toward recovering compensation.

A St. Petersburg cerebral palsy lawyer could review your claim and help you file a claim to recover compensation.

How Birth Injuries Could Result in Cerebral Palsy

Many times, parents may not immediately notice some of the symptoms of birth-related injuries such as cerebral palsy. Commonly, the signs become apparent to the parents if the child misses developmental milestones or begins to show signs of physical and cognitive distress at some point early on in childhood. It is critical for parents, if they have any of these concerns, to immediately bring the child to a pediatrician and, based upon what the pediatrician tells the parents, contact an attorney. It is essential to contact a cerebral palsy lawyer in St. Petersburg early and immediately due to the short two-year statute of limitations.

Unique Aspects of Birth Injury Cases

One of the most unique factors in a birth-related injury case that involves surviving babies is the length of time that the victims will often have to deal with the injury. For instance, if an adult is injured, they may only have to suffer from the injury and its effects for a short period. However, if a baby is born with a birth-related neurological injury, the child could potentially have to live with the injury and the disability for a lifetime.

Since a jury bases its damages award on how along a person suffers the effects of the injury, this often requires a jury to award a more substantial amount of compensation to one who has injured at birth.

Comparative Negligence in Cerebral Palsy Cases

Failing to adhere to the standards of care during labor and delivery is considered medical negligence, and if resulting in permanent injury, would form the basis of a medical negligence case in Florida.

Florida operates under a law called comparative negligence. Comparative negligence is the prospect of the injured person or the injured person’s parent or representative being negligent in whole or part in causing the injury. Potentially, there could be a delay in seeking medical treatment or assistance, and an at-fault defendant or healthcare provider could argue that if a parent did not seek medical help quickly enough, that the parent played a part in the injury to the newborn. However, to what extent a birth injury relates to the substandard care provided by a medical professional or any delay in seeking medical attention by a newborn’s mother or parent is something that should be investigated by a dedicated lawyer. Therefore, it is vital for individuals to seek the services of a seasoned St. Petersburg cerebral palsy attorney.

Reach Out to a St. Petersburg Cerebral Palsy Attorney

If you believe your child has cerebral palsy due to the negligence of a medical professional, you could be eligible to recover damages. Contact a skilled St. Petersburg cerebral palsy lawyer today to learn about your legal options. An experienced attorney could help you collect the compensation you deserve. Call today.

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