Burn injuries can result in long-term disability in addition to significant physical pain. The resulting treatment often leads to thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Whenever another party is at-fault for an incident resulting in a burn injury, the injured person has the right to demand compensation. A Palm Harbor burn injury lawyer could gather the evidence needed to hold defendants accountable through a settlement or litigation in court. Reach out to a catastrophic injury attorney today for legal representation.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

The simplest way a burn may occur is through exposure to an open flame, often the result of a vehicle catching fire or a malfunctioning consumer product combusting. However, burn injuries may also result from friction after sliding on pavement, exposure to caustic and dangerous chemicals, and contact with electrical currents.

The severity of burns is categorized by degrees, each with their own symptoms and severity.

First Degree

The most superficial burns are first degree burns. These are injuries that affect the topmost layer of skin. Doctors typically treat these burns with bandages and topical creams.

Second Degree

Moderate burns are known as second-degree burns. These burns affect the subdermal layers of tissue and damage nerve endings. As a result, these burns are often excruciating and may require surgery to correct.

Third Degree

The most intensive burns are third degree. Third-degree burns completely destroy the affected tissue and may require skin grafts and antibiotics to prevent infection. Severe cases may require doctors to amputate especially affected areas. A Palm Harbor burn injury lawyer could provide more information about the causes and types of burns.

Burns as Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Many burns are temporary injuries. In the case of first degree burns, for example, a patient is likely to make a full recovery. Even second-degree burns may be manageable with proper treatment, though they may scar. However, third-degree burns are often catastrophic, permanent injuries.

Regardless of a burn’s severity, an injured person may have a personal injury claim. A successful claim must clearly establish that another party’s actions were responsible for the damage. A Palm Harbor burn injury lawyer could help to demand appropriate payments from at-fault defendants that take the catastrophic nature of the incident into account.

A Palm Harbor Burn Injury Lawyer Could Help to Protect Your Rights 

Whether a burn is the result of exposure to flames, heat, friction, or chemicals, these injuries can cause severe pain, permanent scarring, or loss of function in the affected body part. The medical treatment, ongoing care, lost wages, and social consequences of a burn injury could cause immense personal and financial strain for a potential plaintiff.

A Palm Harbor burn injury lawyer could help you hold the responsible parties liable for their actions. Since most burns are the result of accidents, Florida Statute §95.11 limits the period for filing a claim to four years from the date of the initial injury. Contact a personal injury attorney today for a case evaluation.

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