Any type of car accident is a serious matter, potentially leading to severe injuries and economic damages. However, when the impact of a crash is so severe that a vehicle is flipped on it’s top, the consequences may be even more severe. An auto wreck is considered a rollover car accident if the vehicle flips at all.

If you were involved in a severe road accident where a vehicle flips, you may need the help of a Clearwater rollover car accident lawyer. A seasoned car crash injury attorney could stand by your side in court to protect your rights and help you pursue just compensation.

Common Elements in Rollover Car Crashes

Rollover accidents often occur in side impact collisions, particularly when the vehicle being hit is significantly smaller or lighter than the vehicle T-boning them. If a passenger car is hit by a semi-truck, there is a good chance that the passenger vehicle will flip. If a vehicle travels down an embankment, we see it in those instances as well.

Rollover accidents are somewhat different than other accidents in that the injuries are often more substantial. There is also a higher fatality rate involved in rollover accidents. The damages in a rollover accident are often so severe because cars generally have fewer passenger safety devices on the roof than they do on the sides, front, or rear. In extreme cases, when a car flips, the windows may shatter, sending shards of glass everywhere, the roof of the vehicle may collapse, or the frame may be bent out of shape, effectively making it difficult or impossible for the doors to open and victims to escape.

Preventative Measures Against Flipped Vehicle Wrecks

The best way to avoid a rollover car accident in Clearwater is primarily the same as avoiding any other crash. Drivers can decrease their chance of being in an accident by paying attention, not engaging in distracted driving, yielding when they must, and obeying all traffic laws. They also want to make sure that those around them are obeying traffic laws. They may see a vehicle start to enter the intersection and stop because somebody going the other way has tried to beat the light. By noticing these issues promptly, a driver gives themselves more time to adequately react safely.

How Should a Rollover Car Accident be Documented?

As with any case, as much as they can, a person in a rollover accident should take photographs of the scene, gather witness names, and contact information. They can take notes about what happened, what they observe, what they heard, and then contact an attorney. Police should be called to the scene of the accident, and their reports may be useful in court. If you or a loved one is injured and must go to the hospital, making it impossible to personally collect evidence, an attorney or someone from their firm may be able to go to the scene of the collision to investigate.

How an Attorney Could Help

An attorney can help to investigate the cause of the accident and help to make sure that the client is doing the things that they need to do in terms of seeking medical treatment. Accidents in which a vehicle flips over are particularly severe, and the hospital bills, continuing care expenses, and missed paychecks from missed work may be more acute. To get the compensation you need and the justice you deserve, call a Clearwater rollover car accident lawyer to get started today.

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