A failure to yield is when a driver does not give the right of way to another vehicle or a pedestrian that is legally entitled to it. This could mean rolling a stop sign, running a red light, taking an illegal or poorly timed turn, or failing to stop at a crosswalk. In any of these situations, people could be hurt. If you were injured in a vehicle crash caused by another driver refusing to give the right of way, contacting a Clearwater failure to yield a car accident lawyer may be your best option for recovering compensation. A seasoned car accident attorney could guide you through the case process, collect evidence, aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies, and even represent you in court if a lawsuit is the only way forward.

Identifying Fault in Failure to Yield Crashes

There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in Clearwater and failing to abide by marked crosswalks or paying attention to who is traveling through the intersection could pose a risk for failure to yield accident. When there is congested traffic, it is even more imperative that drivers are alert and paying attention to the right of way other vehicles may have. With these various factors, it may be difficult to understand who is at fault in any particular case.

In a situation with a traffic signal, a stop sign, or yield sign, the attorney must ask extensive questions of witnesses and the two parties, as well as collect any video or photographic evidence to determine if a traffic law or guideline was broken, causing the accident and injuries. Without evidence of this type, it may be difficult to hold the other driver accountable. However, if the plaintiff was also in the wrong and therefore shares part of the blame, they may still be able to recover monetary damages, but that compensation may be reduced according to the degree of their liability.

Clearwater Insurance Companies in Failure to Yield Accidents

Insurance companies are required to treat failure to yield accidents the same as any other accident. However, often in those types of cases, because there are more questions as to how the accident occurred and who was at fault, they may take longer to investigate the accident and admit their driver was at fault.

There may be more of an investigation in terms of them wanting to take a statement, perhaps do an examination under oath. They can see a little more diligence in the investigation on their side in those accidents. The insurance companies will try to deny claims to save the money they ought to pay out, but with an aggressive personal injury lawyer working on the case, they may be forced to pay.

How Working with an Attorney Could Help Recover Damages

In any accident, it is beneficial to work with a law firm that has substantial resources to devote to your case. Firms are generally able to devote more personal time to your case than a solo practitioner, potentially increasing your chances of getting a favorable outcome. If you are facing the insurance companies after a failure to yield accident in Clearwater, a lawyer could help you fight for the money you need to cover expenses and the justice you deserve for your injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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