A rear-end collision involves one vehicle striking another vehicle from behind or from the side anytime there is a rear impact. This is one of the most common car crashes that happens across the country. In some cases, the consequences are not so bad, and all parties can walk away from the wreck, but in other situations, people could be severely injured. If you were hurt in a rear-end car accident in Clearwater, a personal injury lawyer might be your best option for getting the compensation you are owed to pay medical bills and your lost wages.

Common Elements in Clearwater Back-End Car Crashes

Some common fact patterns relate to issues in which a vehicle may have stopped short or suddenly in front of another vehicle, causing a rear-end collision. However, it is generally more common that the rear traveling vehicle is not paying attention or is distracted, and simply fails to stop or slow down as they need to, causing the rear-end collision.

Under Florida Law, there is a standard presumption that the rear traveling vehicle that hits the vehicle in front of them is the at-fault driver. While the rear driver is often assigned fault, that driver could challenge the citation, but this does not generally work. However, in certain situations where the front vehicle stops abruptly and unreasonably, there may be a chance that the fault will be shared or the rear driver will not be held liable. It can be difficult to understand who is responsible for a Clearwater rear-end accident, but an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases could apply their knowledge to seek damages.

Establishing Liability

There are many different methods and tools used to establish liability. One of the first steps is gathering the traffic incident report which will have a description of what happened in a narrative form. However, it may be necessary to work with witnesses or use diagrams, photographs, or video if it is available to demonstrate how the accident occurred. In other situations, it is simply a matter of studying the medical records and seeing what happened to the person injured in the collision, because that can indicate what the impact was like.

A Car Accident Attorney Could Fight for Your Rights

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to preserve evidence, potentially prevent you from inadvertently admitting fault to the other insurance company, and to begin the process of fighting for compensation. The other party’s insurance company will try to make it look like the accident was your fault so they can avoid having to pay a settlement, but you are owed compensation when it is the other driver’s fault.

Working with an experienced Clearwater rear-end car accident lawyer could help you better negotiate with the insurance adjusters and make sure that you are not wrongfully blamed. After an injury, there are usually medical bills and potentially missed work due to recovery. If it is unclear how you will meet these financial hardships, call an attorney today and schedule a consultation to start seeking compensation.

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