When Should I Call a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

elderly man using walker

It’s incredibly challenging to come to terms with the fact that nursing home staff is neglecting or abusing your loved one. After all, your family undoubtedly moved your relative into the facility under the assumption that he or she would receive far better care there than you could ever arrange for at home.

Sadly, as many families come to learn the hard way, nursing homes are not always the best place for elderly loved ones to live out their golden years.

If you have reason to believe your relative is not receiving adequate care, it’s wise to call a personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable professional may be able to help you take action against the facility and ultimately hold them accountable for all associated losses.

Should you be on the fence about reaching out because you fear you’re overreacting (or you simply don’t want to believe mistreatment is a possibility), read on. Here are some of the most common situations that are indicative of abuse and therefore warrant a call to an attorney:

1. Your Loved One Is Hospitalized Without Cause

It’s not uncommon for nursing home residents to be hospitalized on occasion. Accidents can and do happen, after all. If they end up falling and breaking a hip while strolling the grounds, for example, having to spend a few days at the hospital is unsurprising.

Most residents also have chronic conditions that can flare up periodically. Consequently, there are times when they need more intervention than the facility can provide.

If your loved one is hospitalized for an inexplicable reason, though, you have a right to be suspicious. It’s worth probing further, and if administrators still cannot give you a straight answer, it could be because your relative was abused.

2. Your Loved One Has Unexplained Injuries

Unexplained injuries like bruises, lacerations, or fractures are never a good sign. Your loved one might be forgetful, so maybe they cannot say how they got them, but if nursing home staff can’t confirm their origin, either, something else could be going on.

3. Your Loved One Is Exhibiting Signs of Neglect

Since nursing home residents generally need around-the-clock care, neglect can be just as devastating as outright abuse. Some of the most common signs of neglect include malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration, and bedsores.

If you think the nursing staff is not giving your loved one adequate attention, chances are other residents are being neglected, too. By calling an attorney and getting an investigation underway, you may be able to help a lot more people than just your relative.

Discuss Your Claim with a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Florida

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