Be Prepared to Answer These Questions During Your First Meeting with a Car Accident Attorney

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If you’re planning on filing a car accident claim, enlisting legal representation can increase your chances of securing a satisfactory settlement or favorable judgement. You can be sure a seasoned personal injury attorney will have the knowledge, resources, and experience needed to pursue the maximum payout possible on your behalf.

Just because your lawyer will handle virtually every aspect of your case, however, doesn’t mean you can’t support their efforts. In fact, doing your part starts on day one, during your initial consultation. You can ensure this meeting is as productive as it can be by preparing the answers to the following in advance:

  • What were the circumstances surrounding the crash in which you were hurt?
  • Who do you think was at fault for the wreck, and why? Do you have any proof?
  • Did responding officers make any arrests before leaving the scene?
  • Do you have dash camera footage of the incident?
  • Have you had any correspondence with the other parties that were involved?
  • Have you given any recorded statements to insurance adjusters?
  • Have you posted about the incident or your associated injuries on social media?
  • How soon after the collision did you seek medical care?
  • What is your prognosis?
  • Are you unable to work while recovering from your injuries?
  • When does your doctor think you’ll reach maximum medical improvement?
  • How have your injuries impacted your quality of life?

Since the memory can be unreliable, it’s wise to write down the answers to most of these questions as soon as possible after the accident. There are also a few questions that you should return to again and again. For example, you may experience new hurdles as a result of your injuries every day, so you’ll want to supplement that answer as needed until you meet with the lawyer.

How Else Can I Contribute to My Personal Injury Claim?

Anticipating your attorney’s questions during the initial consultation isn’t the only way to support their efforts. You can also bolster your case by refraining from giving a recorded statement, following all your doctor’s orders so as to mitigate damages, and writing diligently in a personal injury journal.

It’s also advisable to lay low on social media. Insurance adjusters are always in search of evidence that allows them to challenge a claimant’s credibility, and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are the first places they tend to look.

In other words, there’s a good chance the opposing party will take to monitoring your online activity. Since they could misconstrue what you post and ultimately use it against you, it’s best to avoid publishing anything at all until your claim has been resolved.

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