When it comes to getting around Tarpon Springs, Florida, Ubers and taxis are an increasingly convenient means of transportation. However, rideshare drivers still have a duty to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. As such, a passenger, pedestrian, or fellow driver injured due to an Uber or taxi driver’s negligence may benefit from discussing their case with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney.

If you have suffered injuries caused by a taxi or rideshare operator, you may have the right to file a lawsuit and pursue the driver for monetary damages. To get your case started, contact a Tarpon Springs Uber/taxi accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Insurance Problems in Rideshare and Taxi Accidents

One of the most frequently cited challenges with recovering compensation in accident cases involving rideshare drivers relates to the insurance involved. Even when your case seems airtight, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny your claim or to say the policy was not in effect at the time of the accident.

These issues can vary a great deal in terms of how they affect suits against between rideshare companies versus taxi companies. A Tarpon Springs attorney with experience in Uber and taxi cases might be able to guide you through these complicated procedures.

Filing Suit Against Taxi Companies

Taxis are considered “common carriers” under Florida law. A common carrier is a company that transports passengers for a fee on a regular route or schedule. This distinction is important in an accident lawsuit, as common carriers face higher standards of proof at trial than the average driver.

Common carriers are also required to maintain higher minimum insurance coverage than non-commercial drivers. Florida law requires each taxi driver to carry a minimum of $250,000 coverage for each accident, with an additional $125,000 in coverage for each injury related to the crash. Despite this robust insurance coverage, taxi owners and their insurance companies may often deny claims or attempt to make low settlement offers.

Ridesharing Wrecks

Rideshare companies like Uber have their own insurance issues, and they can have a direct impact on whether an injured passenger is able to recover the compensation they need. For instance, Uber claims that none of their drivers are their employees, and that since they are freelancers Uber is under no obligation to provide insurance coverage to them. However, the company does require its drivers to maintain liability insurance.

Many Uber drivers involved in a collision learn after the fact that their standard auto insurance only covers non-commercial driving. For an insurance company to extend liability coverage to an Uber driver on the clock, the driver must purchase additional coverage.

Without this additional coverage, an insurer may deny a claim stemming from an Uber accident. A seasoned Uber/taxi accident lawyer in Tarpon Springs may be able to help a plaintiff contest such a denial and effectively pursue compensation in this kind of situation.

Call a Tarpon Springs Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney Today

Many people rely on taxi and rideshare drivers to transport them to their destinations safely. As such, if you were involved in an accident while riding with Uber or a local taxi company, you may deserve compensation for your damages. To learn more, schedule a consultation with a Tarpon Springs Uber/taxi accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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