When cancer spreads because a doctor or medical professional failed to properly diagnose the disease, they should be held accountable for their actions. A St. Augustine cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could help you understand your legal options moving forward.

When cancer is not properly diagnosed, the more aggressive it could become. Allowing an experienced medical malpractice attorney to advise could help you recover the monetary compensation needed to recover from a negligent doctor’s care.

Establishing a Cancer Misdiagnosis

Medical professionals could misdiagnose cancer in any number of ways. While most misdiagnoses are unintentional, doctors and medical staff may still be responsible for the damages caused. To hold a potentially negligent party liable for a cancer misdiagnosis, the patient must demonstrate that malpractice resulted from a doctor’s failure to use the same skill, care, and treatment a reasonably prudent doctor would in the same circumstances.

A cancer misdiagnosis could rise to the level of medical malpractice if:

  • Malignant cancer is interpreted as benign
  • Cancer is improperly graded, leading to an improper treatment plan
  • Lab results are mislabeled or mishandled
  • The doctor fails to promptly inform patients of the lab results
  • A doctor fails to follow up with a patient or fails to properly monitor a suspicious symptom
  • A high-risk patient is not adequately screened for cancer

Since the patient holds the burden to establish malpractice by failing to diagnose cancer, a medical professional’s insurance company may try to refute this claim. In these cases, an incorrect diagnosis attorney in St. Augustine could conduct a thorough investigation to protect a cancer patient’s rights.

Negligence Investigation in St. Augustine Diagnoses

Establishing negligence often requires assistance from an experienced cancer misdiagnosis attorney and an extensive investigation. To determine the potential for compensation from a defendant medical professional, a seasoned lawyer could:

  • Evaluate a patient’s medical history
  • Evaluate the treatment recommended by the doctor
  • Investigate the type of cancer involved to determine whether it is commonly detected at an early stage
  • Listen to the patient’s account of their symptoms prior to visiting the doctor, and evaluate how the doctor treated or failed to treat those symptoms

The investigative process may also involve consulting medical experts to determine what a reasonably prudent doctor would recommend under the same circumstances. Potential claimants may find the potential complications of a cancer misdiagnosis case daunting. A St. Augustine cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could speak to potential witnesses on a cancer misdiagnosis patient’s behalf, handle the details of an investigation, and file a claim while the patient focuses on their physical and emotional recovery.

Work with a St. Augustine Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

The odds of surviving cancer are dramatically improved when it is identified and treated at an early stage. When a doctor fails to recognize your cancer, it could worsen and may require more aggressive treatment. A doctor’s negligence could lead to compensation.

While compensation cannot reverse the potentially devastating impact of medical negligence, it could cover the additional expenses you suffered. This may include the cost of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or invasive and extensive surgeries. A well-practiced St. Augustine cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could use their experience and resources to fight for you. Consult to an attorney today to discuss an improper diagnosis and any potential legal claims.

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