According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are over 41,000 commercial vehicle crashes in the state each year. Truck crashes often lead to devastating injuries due to the size difference between trucks and passenger vehicles. If you have suffered a truck collision injury, a seasoned personal injury attorney could help explain the legal options in front of you.

You should never be forced to shoulder the costs of an accident caused by a negligent truck operator. To seek justice, contact a Palm Harbor truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Sources of Compensation in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

In a truck accident lawsuit, there are many potential sources for monetary recovery. While every case is different, many truck accidents face similar routes to obtaining compensation. A Palm Harbor truck crash attorney could review the facts of the case and identify potential sources of compensation. In many instances, there could be more than one.

Operator Error

Operator error is one of the most common causes of truck collisions. Many truck crashes are due to the carelessness of the truck driver. When a trucker violates the rules of the road, they could face liability for any accidents they cause.

Hours of service requirement violations could also play a role in a truck crash. Federal regulations require truckers to limit the amount of time behind the wheel, as fatigue is a major cause of collisions. When operators violate these requirements, they are putting other drivers at risk.

Trucking Company

The truck company that employs the operator may also face liability following a truck crash. When the driver is negligent while acting as an employee of the trucking company, a plaintiff may also sue the trucking company for the injuries that negligence caused.

There are other circumstances under which a plaintiff may recover damages from a trucking company. For example, a plaintiff may be able to collect compensation if the company was negligent in hiring a dangerous driver or failed to maintain their commercial trucks safely.

State or Local Government

In some cases, road conditions play a significant factor in an accident. A plaintiff may be able to hold a state or local government responsible if the design or repair of a roadway was inadequate.


The manufacturer of trucking parts or entire commercial vehicles could find themselves added to a trucking accident lawsuit in some instances. When a faulty part or vehicle causes a collision, a plaintiff may hold the manufacturer for damages. If the problem is a design issue as opposed to a defect during manufacturing, a plaintiff may have the right to sue the designer of the vehicle.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

While it is possible to sue the parties responsible for an accident, their insurance company often pays on behalf of the wrongdoer. These insurers have experience in settling injury claims for as little as possible. To ensure you receive fair treatment, you may benefit from discussing your case with a Palm Harbor truck accident attorney.

Call a Palm Harbor Truck Accident Attorney

Due to their devastating nature, truck accidents often have a serious impact on your life. However, these cases are more complicated than standard injury lawsuits. A Palm Harbor truck accident lawyer with an understanding of federal and state trucking regulations may give you the best shot at recovering monetary compensation. To learn more, schedule a consultation right away.

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