It is an unfortunate truth of life that at some point, many of us will have to endure a personal injury. If your losses are traceable to the actions of another party, though, you may be able to make a claim for damages. This applies regardless of whether the actions that led to an injury were the result of an accident or intentional act of violence.

A Palm Harbor personal injury lawyer may be able to help you to pursue your claim. Once retained, your dedicated attorney could work with you every step of the way to identify defendants, measure your losses, gather evidence, and to make claims for appropriate compensation.

Common Examples of Personal Injury Claims

When another party’s actions contribute to an injury, they may carry civil liability. When a defendant has a legal duty to provide protection to another and fails, that defendant may have an obligation to provide compensation. Incidents that commonly form a basis for such claims include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks
  • Accidents on private property
  • Mistakes by a healthcare provider
  • Abuse or neglect in a nursing home

People who commit intentional acts of violence may also be liable for their victims’ injuries. To recover damages, though, an injured individual must pursue a civil claim, as a criminal court cannot order a defendant to provide compensation for a person’s physical injuries even upon conviction. A Palm Harbor personal injury attorney could help evaluate the actions of others to determine if they are liable for a plaintiff’s losses.

What to Expect After Starting a Claim

The days and weeks following the onset of a physical injury are usually critical to a case’s success. It is often vital to document the injury as quickly and thoroughly as possible and connect it to the actions of the defendant early on.

Most claims are with the defendant’s insurance company, but from the moment that an insurance company knows about the incident, it might take steps to build its own case contesting an allegation of negligence by their policyholder. The company may attempt to force a plaintiff to provide statements that contradict earlier accounts of the incident and shift blame for the incident onto the plaintiff.

It is especially important to know insurance companies and defendants typically only settle cases for appropriate compensation if they believe they would lose in court, or they think the process will cost more than a settlement. A personal injury lawyer in Palm Harbor could help form a comprehensive demand letter that makes a plaintiff’s claim for damages clear.

A Palm Harbor Personal Injury Lawyer May Be Able to Help

While you are seeking medical care, the defendant and their insurance company may be taking steps to protect their finances and build a defense against any future claim. It can be easy to fall behind or to become frustrated with the prospect of fighting to protect your rights when all you want to do is feel better.

Thankfully, a Palm Harbor personal injury lawyer may be able to take the lead in your case. This includes evaluating your physical, financial, and emotional losses, working to gather evidence of defendant responsibility, and protecting your rights in and out of court. Call today for a consultation about the potential compensation you deserve.

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