Slip and fall accidents are extremely dangerous. Victims who have tripped and fallen on another’s property often sustain injuries such as broken bones, spinal damage, and head trauma. When an accident occurs on another’s property, the owner could be held liable for damages.

If you or a loved one were injured on another’s property, you should consult with a New Port Richey slip and fall lawyer. Even the most minor of stumbles has the potential to result in expensive medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and other damages. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could help you hold the negligent premise owner accountable for their actions and help you recover compensation for damages.

Deadlines to File a Claim in New Port Richey

The first thing a plaintiff from a slip and fall injury must keep in mind is that they have a limited time to file a lawsuit. Under Florida’s statute of limitations, Florida Statutes §95.11(3)(a), a suit must be brought within four years against the property owner from the date of the injury or else the claim expires.

A statute of limitations is a stringent deadline. If the plaintiff brings their lawsuit after this date, the court will likely dismiss the entire case and charge the individual for the defendant’s defense costs. Therefore, it is advisable that a person considering a lawsuit speak to a New Port Richey slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

Common Types of Recoverable Damages

Damages are the financial compensation that a plaintiff could receive in a personal injury case. Economic and non-economic are the two primary forms of damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to the plaintiff’s out-of-pocket costs following an accident. Medical bills, lost earnings, and anticipated lost future profits due to the injury are all economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate because they are based upon injuries such as pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other intangibles.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

Often, in slip and fall cases, the defendant may allege that the injured claimant contributed to their injuries and damages. The defense may allege:

  • The injured claimant was trespassing or on the part of the property where visitors are not allowed
  • The person was distracted or not paying attention to where they were walking
  • The hazardous situation was obvious and visibly marked or corned off by cones

Even if the plaintiff is found to be more than 99 percent at fault for their slip and fall accident, they will still be eligible to recover compensation from the defendant. Their compensation award will be reduced by their percentage of liability for an accident.

A skilled slip and fall lawyer from New Port Richey could argue against claims of shared negligence to help the injured claimant recover more compensation for their damages.

Consult with a New Port Richey Slip and Fall Attorney Today

A slip and fall accident could have lasting repercussions. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, you can be left with large medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages because of a permanent and debilitating injury.

An experienced New Port Richey slip and fall lawyer could review the facts of your case and present you with options on how to proceed. With the help of seasoned attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation that covers the full value of your injuries. Call today to get started on your case.

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