Buses provide transportation to many people – whether for travel or as a way to commute to school or work. While buses are generally safe way, accidents leading to serious injury and death certainly do occur. Driver error is frequently to blame, but there can be numerous other causes ranging from poor road conditions to faulty mechanical equipment.

If a public transit crash led to serious injury or death in your family, consider contacting a New Port Richey bus accident lawyer. With help from a personal injury attorney, you may be able to establish how the accident occurred and determine whether one or more negligent parties can be held responsible. The lawyer you hire could help negotiate a fair settlement or pursue litigation on your behalf.

Bus Accident Causes

Just like accidents involving passenger vehicles, bus accidents have a variety of causes. Some of the most common causes of bus accidents include:

Bus Driver Negligence

A New Port Richey bus accident lawyer could investigate whether a client sustained serious injuries as a result of driver negligence. Despite laws regulating bus driver behavior – such as hours of service (HOS) regulations – they are often broken or outright ignored. Driving while distracted, driving while under the influence, and driving while fatigued are all examples of bus driver negligence.

Bus Company Negligence

Despite serving as many customers as the airline industry, the domestic bus industry is not regulated nearly as strictly with regard to record-keeping and vehicle maintenance. Should an accident take place, a New Port Richey bus accident lawyer could determine if it can be traced to one or more acts of negligence on the part of the bus company.

Bad Weather

Occasionally, a bus accident will be caused by extreme weather perhaps coupled with poor road conditions. Due to its extreme weight and inability to quickly maneuver around objects in the road, a bus can get into any number of different types of accidents during inclement weather.

Part Failure

If a piece of bus equipment malfunctions while the vehicle is in motion, it can lead to a dangerous situation. Engine compartment fires and exploding tire walls are just two examples of how a malfunctioning, defective, or poorly maintained bus part can lead to an accident.

Determining the Liable Parties After a Crash

Bus accident cases are often complex because multiple parties can potentially be held liable. A New Port Richey bus accident attorney could help a client determine whether any of the following should be held responsible for their injuries:


The accident may have resulted from driver error such as distraction, operating the bus while under the influence, or speeding.

Driver’s Employer

The driver’s employer may have poorly maintained the bus, forced the driver to work an excessive number of hours, or hired the driver despite their lack of training or experience.

Bus Manufacturer

The company that built the bus – or built a defective part used in the bus – can possibly be held liable in the event of an accident.

Other Driver

A reckless or negligent third-party driver may have run into the bus or forced the bus off the road. This other driver is a potential source of compensation in a lawsuit filed by an accident victim.

Speak with a New Port Richey Bus Accident Attorney Today

Being involved in a bus accident can be a traumatizing experience resulting in serious bodily injuries and other long-term consequences. If you were hurt in a collision, a New Port Richey bus accident lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you need to move forward. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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