Bicycle riders face many dangers while cycling on roads. In addition to the hazards that always accompany bike riding, such as rough pavement, wet surfaces, and poor balance, riders who choose to travel on Clearwater roads are also at the mercy of negligent drivers.

Even though bike riders choose to place themselves in a vulnerable position, the law states that they have the same right to safe road travel as all other road occupants. Likewise, bicyclists have the right to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions and demand compensation for their losses.

A Clearwater bicycle accident lawyer could help you if you were injured in a bike crash. Skilled personal injury attorneys could protect your rights by refuting any allegations of contributory negligence made by the defendant and could demand fair compensation in negotiations.

When Is a Driver At-Fault for a Bike Crash?

The same rules that provide protection to drivers of full-size cars apply to bike riders on Florida’s roads, despite the prevailing idea that bicyclists have fewer rights than cars on the roads. This means that drivers of any motor vehicles must protect the well-being of bicyclists by driving carefully when around bicyclists. Additionally, a bike rider has the same right to demand compensation for their losses following an accident.

Bringing a claim that shows that the driver drove negligently is a complex process that requires a plaintiff to satisfy a specific set of elements. Since all drivers have a duty to protect bike riders, this satisfies the first element of proving negligence. In addition, a plaintiff must prove that an accident caused their injuries. This can be shown with medical records.

The most complex portion of a bicycle accident claim is proving that the defendant driver failed in their duty to keep the bike rider safe. In some cases, a plaintiff can use a police report to show that the responding officer issued a ticket to the defendant. This is powerful evidence of the defendant’s negligence. In other claims, a plaintiff must show that the driver’s simple carelessness led to the incident. A Clearwater bicycle accident lawyer could review the facts of a given situation to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent and, therefore, at fault for the accident.

Injuries Common in Bicycle Accident Cases

Bicycle riders do not have the physical protection of a car when they are involved in an accident. While modern cars are built with crumple zones, airbags, and other safety features designed to protect people in event of an accident, bike riders likely only have helmets.

Even a minor collision can place immense force on a bike rider. Low forces are enough to knock a rider from the seat and throw them to the ground. Bikers in these instances may suffer severe cuts and scrapes, separated joints, and concussions. Collisions at higher speeds can result in the rider being trapped under the defendant’s car or pushed into oncoming traffic. Potential injuries here include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and brain injuries.

The Value of a Clearwater Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Bike riders may sustain severe injuries in any collision with another vehicle. When these collisions are the result of another driver’s negligence, the injured bike rider has the right to demand compensation from that driver and their insurance company.

A Clearwater bicycle accident lawyer could be your advocate for compensation if you have been in a bike accident caused by someone else. An attorney could fight for a favorable recovery on your behalf. They could seek a satisfactory settlement out of court or aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve at trial. Contact an attorney today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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