What to Ask During Your Initial Consultation with a Penis Injury Attorney

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If you sustained a penis injury that has hurt your quality of life in an irreversible way, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. Since you have enough to worry about without having to put together a claim, though, it’s wise to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Of course, chances are you’ve never needed a penis injury attorney and you’re therefore unsure what to look for in one. The easiest way to determine whether you’ve found a lawyer who’s equipped to take your case is by scheduling an initial consultation.

The attorney will use this meeting to evaluate your case from all angles and decide how best to proceed. You, on the other hand, should use it to determine if you’ve found the right lawyer to represent you. You can do so by asking the following questions:

1. Have You Handled Claims Similar to Mine?

Not all firms have what it takes to prove both liability and damages when it comes to penis injuries. While every tort claim is undeniably unique, those that involve penis injuries generally call for the same kinds of strategies. As such, it’s wise to hire a lawyer who has experience resolving cases similar to yours. 

2. What Do You Think Is the Most Likely Outcome?

Be wary of anyone who promises to achieve a particular outcome for you. Penis injury claims are inherently complex—and legal proceedings are always unpredictable—so there’s no way to guarantee that any given claim will yield a sizable payout.

An attorney who practices with integrity will be willing to discuss all possible outcomes with you. He or she may be happy to share which outcome is most likely after evaluating the circumstances, but an honest professional will never commit to securing a settlement on behalf of a client. 

3. How Will I Be Able to Reach You If an Issue Arises?

You deserve attentive counsel from the day you call the firm to the day your case is resolved. For example, your penis injury lawyer should keep you fully informed of the proceedings every step of the way.

He or she should also respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. If the attorney doesn’t give you a direct means of contact, ask how long it will likely take for him or her to get back to you after you reach out to the firm.   

4. Do You Have Trial Experience?

While most personal injury claims are settled, a small percentage do make it all the way to court. Should yours be one of the few that proceeds to trial, you’ll want counsel from a seasoned litigator. 

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