What Should I Look for in a Paralysis Injury Attorney?

young woman in wheelchair

If you’re living with paralysis, you are not alone. When the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation set out to find the prevalence of paralysis in the United States, their research revealed almost 1 in 50 Americans were affected. That’s more than 5 million people—and 40 percent higher than previous studies indicated.

Stroke appears to be the leading cause of paralysis, followed closely by spinal cord injury (SCI). In other words, a significant number of paralysis cases in this country could have probably been prevented.

If you sustained an SCI in some kind of accident and you’re now living with paralysis, it’s natural to feel bitter, hurt, and even angry. The good news, however, is that you may be entitled to compensation.

With help from a reputable personal injury attorney, you can seek the funds needed to lead a fulfilling life despite your condition. Just make sure to find someone who possesses the following, so your claim has the best chance of success:

1. Relevant Experience

Tort claims involving paralysis injuries are inherently complex. Because victims are often unable to earn a living wage, their losses tend to amount to seven figures. What’s more, proving causation is usually challenging, since there’s still so much about the central nervous system that modern medicine has yet to explain.

For these reasons, you want to ensure you seek counsel from someone who is well-versed in catastrophic injuries. During your initial consultation, ask the lawyer how much experience they have handling claims similar to yours. You should also inquire about the kinds of strategies they’ve applied in the past that might apply to your case.

2. Proficiency in Court

If you end up having to file a formal lawsuit, you’re going to want guidance from a seasoned litigator. As such, it’s wise to confirm the attorney’s trial experience before you hire them. If they’ve taken actions to court and ultimately helped their clients secure favorable verdicts, they likely have what it takes to help you navigate the proceedings, as well.

3. Integrity

You deserve counsel from someone who practices with honesty and integrity, and sadly, not all lawyers do. There are firms that treat every new client as just another case file, for example, and prioritize quantity over quality. Instead of securing the best outcome possible for each individual claimant, they settle as many cases as possible as quickly as they can, which often means leaving money on the table.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to determine whether an attorney will actually advocate for your best interests. You can review what past clients have said about their services, for example. You can also evaluate the number of times they have gone to trial. If a firm has never gone to court, that might be a sign that they accept lesser settlements on behalf of their clients to avoid the hassle of filing formal lawsuits.

Discuss Your Case with a Paralysis Injury Lawyer in Florida

At Emerson Straw, we know how devastating catastrophic injuries can be on the whole family. If you or someone you love was paralyzed because another party failed to exercise reasonable care, we’ll help you take the steps needed to pursue the compensation you deserve. To set up a free case review with a paralysis injury attorney in Florida, complete our Online Contact Form or call (727) 821-1500.