5 Times a Dog Will Bite and How to Avoid Them

how to avoid dog bites

Dog bites are a common cause of injuries in Florida. When dogs feel threatened or cornered they may bite, simply out of fear. Whether the dog is provoked or not, it is important to avoid situations like the ones below, to prevent dog bites, emotional damage, and injuries.  If you have recently been bitten by a dog, it is imperative to contact a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney right away.

One of the most commons reasons a dog will bite is because he is scared or startled. It is important to remember to never approach a strange dog from behind or try to surprise your own dog. A dog’s first reaction to fear will be to bite to protect himself.

A dog will also bite to protect his owner or territory. It is important to never pet a strange dog without asking the owner first, or attempting to interact with a strange dog in his yard or near his property. If a dog sees you as a threat, he may bite to defend what’s his.

Dogs will also bite people, even their owners, if they are sick or have recently been injured. While this does not mean the dog is aggressive, it simply means they don’t feel well and don’t want to be touched or disturbed.

Abused dogs may also bite because they are accustomed to humans hitting or neglecting them. If a dog looks like it has been abused, don’t attempt to help the dog by yourself, instead contact the property authorities.

Even when a dog is playing he may get excited and nip or bite while he is running around. While you are playing with your dog, it is important to monitor their behavior, especially when young children or seniors are present.

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