Early medical intervention may be key when fighting cancer, but patients whose doctors misdiagnose their cancers as some other ailment may lose this essential advantage. In the time it takes a misdiagnosed patient to receive an accurate diagnosis, the cancer may have spread or worsened, requiring more aggressive treatments. In some tragic cases, cancer may have become terminal before a patient learns the truth of their situation and the help of a medical malpractice attorney may be required.

Medical professionals like doctors and specialists must take steps to ensure the diagnoses they are making for their patients are as accurate as possible. Those who rush through the process, or who miss signs and symptoms that could suggest the presence of cancer, may owe compensation to their affected patients. A knowledgeable Tarpon Springs cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could assist misdiagnosed patients in holding their medical team accountable for errors at this crucial time.

Negligent Misdiagnoses May Lead to Compensation for Patients

Cancer misdiagnoses usually occur because the attending doctor or medical professional is in a rush. While some signs and symptoms of cancer can mimic those of other, less-serious ailments, doctors who fail to order follow-up testing or who ignore other facts that might suggest the patient is developing cancer may be negligent. Patients who suffer harm because of such carelessness may be eligible to file a lawsuit and pursue a claim for compensation.

Key to determining whether a doctor’s misdiagnosis was the result of carelessness are the protocols, standards, and industry best practices of Tarpon Springs doctors. If an injured plaintiff’s doctor followed these protocols or standard practices in diagnosing the patient, then it may be difficult for the plaintiff to establish their doctor was negligent. However, doctors who go against these norms or accepted practices without reasonable justification for doing so may be liable for the ensuing damages.

A Plaintiff’s Compensable Losses Following a Cancer Misdiagnosis

Victims of misdiagnosis who have cancer may face a variety of economic and noneconomic harms as a result of not finding out about their illness in time. The affected person may require additional medical procedures like chemotherapy. This may not only cost the person out-of-pocket expenses but also require them to miss considerable time from work to attend appointments and recover from treatment. Depending on the nature of the misdiagnosis, the patient may even require home health services or hospice as well.

Noneconomic losses that an injured patient may face might include the suffering that comes from living with misdiagnosed cancer. The loss of one’s ability to enjoy life, a decreased life expectancy, and a reduced chance of surviving the cancer are also potentially compensable losses. An attorney could help Tarpon Springs patients whose doctors misdiagnosed their cancer to determine the full amount of compensation they may be able to pursue through their lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations for Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases in Tarpon Springs

Florida’s statute of limitations gives patients only two years from the date the misdiagnosis initially occurred to file any lawsuits for compensation. A failure to file within this timeframe may result in a dismissal of the suit. In cases of misdiagnosis, the statutory clock does not start to run until they have discovered the error.

Consult With a Tarpon Springs Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

If you or a loved one have discovered that your doctor misdiagnosed your cancer as some other condition, speaking with an experienced Tarpon Springs cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could provide options for exacting justice. You may be eligible for financial compensation that can help you meet your financial obligations and treatment needs. You only have approximately two years within which to file your case, so it is important to call today and schedule a consultation.

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