Unlike many injuries that may eventually heal over time, the effects of damage to your spine can last a lifetime. It is essential to understand the permanence of a spinal injury when pursuing an spinal cord injury lawsuit.

With the help of a qualified personal injury attorney, you may be able to obtain the compensation needed to deal with the expenses that come with a spinal cord injury. Call today to learn how a Tarpon Springs spinal cord injury lawyer may be able to help in your situation.

Obtaining Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury

There are two ways a Tarpon Springs spinal cord injury attorney could obtain compensation on a plaintiff’s behalf: negotiating a settlement or pursuing a civil lawsuit. In some cases, the responsible party or their insurance company admits fault immediately, in which case the matter at hand is agreeing on what amount of compensation is fair rather than who bears the blame for an accident.

While a settlement agreement can sometimes be reached early on, it is not uncommon for a case to settle on the eve of trial. Negotiating a settlement can be a lengthy process, and it takes a tremendous amount of preparation.

Sometimes, though, the two sides in a spinal cord injury case are unable to come to an agreement. In this case, the plaintiff may choose to pursue civil litigation and have a court decide on what amount of damages is appropriate.

Negligence in a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

In order to prevail in a spinal cord injury lawsuit, a spinal cord injury victim must prove that another person caused the injury through their negligence. This requires showing that all of the following elements are present:

  • The other person owed a legal duty of care to the victim
  • That person violated that duty
  • The victim suffered a compensable injury due directly to the breach of duty

In a spinal cord injury suit, preparation is everything. Even a case that seems airtight in the beginning can unravel if it is not investigated and researched correctly.

In particular, achieving a successful outcome at trial in a spinal cord injury case may require a lot of documentation. A plaintiff may need to obtain documents related to how the injury occurred like police reports, vehicle maintenance records, their client’s medical records, and toxicology reports.

Another aspect of a spinal cord injury civil trial is testimony. A knowledgeable spinal cord accident lawyer in Tarpon Springs must show the court what happened, often using the testimony of the victim. It may also be necessary for a legal representative to call expert witnesses to explain the nature of the injuries to the jury.

Discuss Legal Options with a Tarpon Springs Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

From investigation to trial, a Tarpon Springs spinal cord injury lawyer may be able to guide you through the process of pursuing your claim. A compassionate personal injury attorney can make a difference in your potential compensation, so call today to set up a consultation and get your questions answered.

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