Accidents that occur due to poorly maintained or malfunctioning escalators and elevators can result in catastrophic injuries to the victim requiring extensive medical treatment. Depending on the condition of the facility, you may be at risk for falls, sprains, head injuries, crush injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments, along with substantial mental and emotional trauma. When an escalator or elevator contains safety risks that are not fixed correctly and/or do not have proper signage, this can lead to disaster that can devastate your life.

Emerson Straw has the technical knowledge and ability and to determine what caused the issue or defect and what could have been done to avoid the accident. We are committed to representing victims of this kind of negligence, and fighting to get them the respect and compensation that they are entitled to, in order to rebuild their lives. You can count on us to go to bat for you in your elevator or escalator accident case, and work hard to give you a brighter future.

Mr. Emerson and Mr. Straw have been involved in court ordered inspections that have revealed grossly negligent maintenance by corporations responsible for the safety of those being transported. They have successfully resolved cases against major corporations and have assisted in compensation for medical care and treatment for these often disabling injuries, as well as compensation for pain and suffering. When you need the a dedicated personal injury law firm to stand in your corner, come to Emerson Straw.

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