Slip and fall injuries can be deceptively serious. Minor falls can have a catastrophic effect on our elders, but even an otherwise healthy person can suffer a severe injury. Pursuing the landowner for compensation is no less complex. Florida law requires plaintiffs in these cases to examine not just the actions of the landowner but also their own motivation for being on the land when the injury happened. This can leave many unrepresented plaintiffs unable to pursue their claims for their full value.

A St. Augustine slip and fall lawyer is dedicated to the idea that all people injured by the negligence of others have the right to seek compensation. A dedicated premises liability lawyer can work to gather the necessary evidence, analyze this evidence within Florida law, and demand maximum compensation for their injuries.

Types of Visitors in St. Augustine

All landowners have a legal obligation to protect visitors onto their land. However, the extent of this duty depends upon the visitor’s reason for entering the land. This applies to all types of cases where a plaintiff alleges that the defendant’s poor care of their land caused an injury, including slip and fall cases. There are three categories of visitors in slip and fall cases.


These are people who enter the land for a business purpose. Classic examples here are shoppers in a grocery store or patrons in a movie theatre. Landowners here must protect an invitee from any hazard that they actually know about. In addition, they have a duty to protect visitors from any hazard that they should know about.


These are people that enter land with the owner’s permission for a non-business purpose. This typically includes guests to a house party. Here, the owner must only protect the visitor from reckless exposure to danger. This typically means that they must warn the visitor only against hazards that they actually know about.


Trespassers are any people who enter onto land without the owner’s permission. This can include people who enter without the landowner’s knowledge or visitors who outstay their welcome. In this scenario, the landowner must only protect the trespasser from any intentional harm.

Examples of Injuries in Slips and Falls

Slip and falls can cause a collection of injuries that can seriously hamper a person’s physical wellbeing and quality of life. Common examples of these injuries include:

  • Severe bruising, cuts, or scrapes
  • Strained or sprained ankles, knees, or shoulders
  • Separated joints such as elbows or knees
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries

The extent of the injury does not matter. Any physical harm that can be traced to the negligence of the landowner can be the source of a slip and fall case. Cases can also demand compensation for any lost wages associated with the injury, such as a loss of permanent work ability or missed shifts to attend therapy appointments. In addition, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life may also be compensable.  A St. Augustine slip and fall lawyer could help determine the full value of a case and demand maximum compensation.

Get Help from a St. Augustine Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall case can be more complicated than it appears. Not only must a plaintiff provide evidence that the defendant landowner was negligent in allowing the accident to occur, they must also demonstrate they had a right to be on the land. If a plaintiff fails to do so, they cannot recover any compensation regardless of the extent of their injuries.

A St. Augustine slip and fall lawyer could help with every portion of a slip and fall case. From gathering evidence of the actions that led to the fall, to examining your reason for being on the land, to connecting the injury to the fall, an attorney could help every step of the way. Contact a lawyer today to discuss your case.

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