Many people rely on ridesharing services — such as Uber or taxis — as a safe means of transportation. Unfortunately, the extensive hours these drivers spend behind the wheel means accidents are bound to happen. No matter the circumstances, rideshare drivers are just as liable as all other motorists on the road when their poor driving leads to a crash. If you were involved in a car collision with any form of ridesharing vehicle, you might benefit from speaking with a St. Augustine Uber/taxi accident lawyer about your rights to seek compensation.

There are key differences between the obligations of taxi companies and an Uber driver in the event of an accident. Each company holds differing levels of liability, and these specifics could become complex for any individual without a firm understanding of the law. A dedicated car accident attorney could help you to navigate the unique nature of your situation and build a case for proper recovery of your damages.

The Legal Difference Between a Taxi and An Uber

A taxi is the traditional means of rideshare. Taxi companies are corporations that own their vehicles and hire drivers as employees. As a result, the taxi company is required to insure their vehicles and are therefore legally liable for the actions of their drivers during work.

This means that any person injured in an accident with a taxi — either as the driver of their own car or as a passenger of the taxi — may have a claim for compensation against the taxi company. As long as an injured person could demonstrate that the taxi driver was negligent, the taxi company’s insurance might provide payments for their losses.

The same cannot be said for Uber, however. Florida courts have ruled that Uber drivers are not employees, but are instead independent contractors. This means that, if an Uber driver is at fault for a collision while working, they are solely responsible for the legal consequences. This is the main reason that Uber requires their drivers to hold their own insurance policies. To understand the different possible claims a plaintiff might seek, it might prove beneficial to contact a St. Augustine Uber/taxi accident lawyer.

Filing a Claim in St. Augustine

All rideshare drivers have the same obligation as regular drivers: to care for the wellbeing of all others they encounter while behind the wheel. This care extends toward other drivers, pedestrians, and their own passengers. Furthermore, this duty forms the core of the legal cause of action known as negligence.

To prove negligence, an individual and their attorney must demonstrate that a driver breached their duty of care, that this breach directly led to an accident, and that this accident resulted in an injury. Regardless of the driver’s status as an employee or contractor — if they are at fault for a collision or wreck — an injured person has a right to file a claim. A seasoned lawyer could help one with filing a claim.

In the case of an injury caused by a taxi in St. Augustine, that claim should be filed with the taxi company’s insurance provider. This effectively makes the insurance company and the taxi driver as co-defendants. In the event of an injury caused by an Uber driver, however, the claim would name the driver of the Uber as the sole defendant in a case. A Uber/taxi accident attorney in St. Augustine could help a claimant in their unique situation to file a claim against the proper at-fault parties.

Talk to a St. Augustine Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

Any individual who is injured by any rideshare driver’s negligence has the right to seek compensation. If you were injured under these circumstances, a St. Augustine uber/taxi accident lawyer may be able to help you file a claim for recovery.

A diligent attorney could explain your rights and work tirelessly to try and establish negligence for a successful claim. For more information about filing a claim, reach out today.

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