Drug manufacturers flood the market with hundreds of new drugs each year designed to treat different maladies. Despite U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, these drugs often prove to be dangerous and sometimes fatal to the patients who take them. Pharmaceutical companies must provide drugs that are safe for consumers to use. When they produce defective or dangerous drugs, they can be liable for the resulting injuries.

If you or a loved one were severely injured after ingesting a hazardous narcotic, you may want to consult a Seminole dangerous drugs lawyer for advice. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your legal rights following injuries suffered as a result of taking dangerous drugs may be highly beneficial to you.

Dangerous Drug Claims in Seminole

Drug companies often put profits before consumer safety. In some cases, drug manufacturers rush new drugs through an expedited FDA approval process. In others, these companies fail to conduct adequate studies and research about the side effects of medications. In doing so, drug companies often fail to fulfill their duty to consumers to keep them safe.

Often, pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to promote drugs after they have caused injuries to consumers. They may fail to provide adequate warnings about side effects or recall dangerous drugs because of the amount of money that they have invested in the narcotics. These actions can be highly detrimental to consumers who rely on drug companies to provide them with safe products.

For instance, dangerous drugs may cause cancer, heart failure, or kidney failure in patients who take them. These side effects can be permanently damaging to consumers and leave them in a worse medical condition than they were in before they took the drug. A diligent dangerous drugs lawyer in Seminole may be able to assess the side effects of these drugs and build a strong claim for damages on behalf of injured consumers.

Liable Parties in Dangerous Drug Claims

Drug manufacturers are strictly responsible for any dangerous drugs that they produce that cause injury to consumers. However, other parties may face liability, as well, depending on the situation. Potentially liable parties can include:

  • Drug testing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Doctors and hospitals that prescribe the drugs
  • Pharmacists

Regardless of the circumstances, individuals who suffer injuries from taking dangerous drugs should not hesitate to contact a skilled hazardous drugs attorney in Seminole for help. Identifying all potentially liable parties in a timely fashion can be integral to a valid personal injury claim. As time limits do apply to these cases, exploring options for recourse must occur sooner rather than later.

Damages in Dangerous Drug Cases

Dangerous drug claims are governed by product liability laws, which means that drug manufacturers are strictly liable when they produce drugs that are harmful to consumers. There is no requirement under product liability laws that injured parties prove any negligent behavior on behalf of the pharmaceutical company that produced a specific drug. Instead, if the drug is inherently dangerous or defective, the company is liable for any injuries that result.

Consumers may incur various damages when they suffer injuries from using dangerous drugs. Compensable injuries may include medical expenses, lost income from an inability to work, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. In wrongful death suits, other types of damages may be available for surviving family members of the deceased.

Seminole Dangerous Drugs Attorney

The impact that a pharmaceutical injury can have on your life and that of your family can be significant. You may have incurred additional medical expenses, experienced a diminished quality of life, and suffered further physical pain from your injuries. While you focus on recovery from your injuries, a Seminole dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to work toward getting you compensation for your losses.

Legal counsel can investigate the drug that you took, evaluate whether you have a case, and represent your interests in any claims you might have. Let a skilled attorney help you hold big drug companies accountable for producing dangerous drugs. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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