A front-end car accident, or head-on collision as it is commonly called, describes when the front of a car crashes into the front of another car. The effect could be likened to hitting a brick wall, which is why front-end crashes often cause both drivers and passengers to suffer severe injuries. If a reckless motorist caused a front-end collision that seriously injured you or a loved one, you could turn to a seasoned Seminole front-end car accident lawyer for guidance and counsel.

A personal injury attorney could handle all aspects of your legal matter and provide the aggressive representation you need to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Factors That Contribute to Front-End Wrecks

Often, front-end wrecks stem from a motorist’s careless and reckless behavior, such as the following:

  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving or speeding
  • Drowsy driving
  • Drunk driving

In certain cases, driver negligence may not play a role, and instead, the wreck may result from a defect in the vehicle that caused a motorist to lose control. When this happens, other parties such as a mechanic who made a negligent repair or a manufacturer of a defective part may be held liable.

Common Injuries in Front-End Collisions

The intense force of impact in a front-end collision could cause catastrophic, and sometimes fatal, injuries. A Seminole front-end collision attorney could pursue financial recovery for victims who have suffered injuries such as:

Compensation Victims May be Entitled To

When a Seminole front-end auto accident victim is seeking financial damages, they may be eligible to receive compensation for a variety of losses, including economic and non-economic costs. Economic damages may include medical expenses, future medical bills, lost income, and lost earning potential. Non-economic damages could include mental anguish, loss of consortium, pain, and suffering.

In cases involving particularly egregious misconduct on the part of the defendant, the court may also award punitive damages on top of the economic and non-economic damages mentioned. Punitive damages are intended to punish an at-fault party and deter others who might engage in similar conduct in the future.

Seminole Auto Accident Laws

After someone is injured in a front-end car crash in Seminole, if they have been hurt, it is critical to seek legal advice. An attorney could help an injured victim understand what options are available to secure compensation for their losses and the laws that may impact their case.

Time Limits to File a Case

Florida Statutes §95-11 provides car crash victims four years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit with the Florida civil courts. However, if someone dies as a result of the crash, the law states that a lawsuit must be commenced within two years, and the statutory clock starts on the date of the decedent’s death. If an injured party tries to file their lawsuit after the applicable deadline has passed, the court may refuse to hear their case.

Comparative Negligence Rules

Florida law follows the pure comparative fault doctrine if both parties are determined to share blame for the collision. If a plaintiff is partly liable in a crash in which they suffer harm, their recovery of compensation would be reduced in proportion to their percentage of blame. If, for instance, a jury decides a plaintiff is 60 percent at fault, they may still be entitled to 40 percent of their total damages.

How a Seminole Front-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If a negligent motorist caused a front-end collision, leaving you or a loved one with serious injuries, a Seminole front-end car accident lawyer could provide you the zealous legal advocacy you need. An attorney could fight hard on your behalf for just financial recovery to compensate for your injuries and other losses.

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