Errors in judgment and mistakes in the delivery room could jeopardize the lives of both the mother and infant during birth. Children who suffer injuries during this vulnerable time may face permanent disabilities requiring assistance or intervention throughout the remainder of their life. The costs of such treatment can easily surpass the resources of many families, even with extensive insurance coverage, but a medical malpractice attorney could help.

When a mother or newborn suffers harm because an obstetrician or other medical professional fails to exercise due care in providing services to the mother, they may be responsible for the financial costs of those injuries. A New Port Richey birth injury lawyer could provide much-needed guidance and representation to families harmed by negligent medical professionals.

Compensation Available for New Port Richey Families After Birth Injuries

The financial toll of a birth-related injury can be astronomical given that some of these injuries might impact mother and child for the remainder of their lives. A successful lawsuit could result in financial damages that may pay for:

  • Emergency medical treatment needed to preserve the life of mother or child
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Lost wages due to missed work resulting from injury
  • Future wages that may not be earned due to disability caused by negligence
  • Pain and suffering experienced by either mother or child
  • Home nursing assistance needed to care for the child

Because New Port Richey plaintiffs pursue birth injury lawsuits to provide for the past and future needs of the mother and child, victims must document all of the family’s losses and expenses. This assists in providing the injured party with an opportunity to receive adequate compensation. Attorneys who regularly represent birth injury plaintiffs in New Port Richey may help these plaintiffs in collecting this type of evidence.

Parties Who are Liable for Birth Injuries in New Port Richey

Whether a birth injury is caused in the delivery room or occurs outside the hospital, determining the underlying causes of the child’s and mother’s harm is crucial. There may multiple parties who provided substandard care to the mother or child, leading to the injuries. Common responsible parties include:

  • The mother’s primary care physician, gynecologist, or obstetrician
  • The hospital’s nursing staff
  • Pharmacists who dispense the wrong medication or a dangerous drug
  • A specialist who fails to order an appropriate test or misdiagnoses the mother

Medical records from attending doctors and the hospital generally describe the people involved in the delivery of the child and each party’s responsibilities. As a result, obtaining these records is a critical part of any lawsuit. A seasoned lawyer could help victims identify who is responsible for their injuries and pursue compensation from them.

Speak to a New Port Richey Birth Injury Attorney

When you or your newborn child have suffered injury in the delivery room, a New Port Richey birth injury lawyer could help you take legal action. You may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the doctors, medical professionals, or others who contributed to you or your child’s injuries. This may result in obtaining compensation to help you, your child, and your family recover. Speak to a lawyer today about your rights to recover the financial damages you need and the justice your family deserves.

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